#Trends. Furniture design - Even Brad Pitt is having a go.


by Creativepool.


Brad Pitt already has a taste for the creative industry with his collaborative architecture work with the likes of Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhaas. Gehry was enlisted as one of the designers in his Make It Right Foundation, in an initiative that saw them building new homes in New Orleans, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Pitt is also keen to have his children follow in his footsteps, saying that he encourages them both to be architects.  Pitt has now moved on to furniture design, unveiling his first collection in New York this week. He has teamed up with furniture maker Frank Pollaro, who works for a firm that produce art deco reproductions.

In July, 2012 images of the buildings were released.

He has created a number of tables and chairs, a double bath and huge bed. Brad explains that he has been interested in furniture design and architecture since college, and has more recently been ‘doodling’ ideas since the 90s.

 Pollaro stumbled across Pitt’s doodles and designs when he was installing a desk at the Hollywood star’s house. Pollaro recognised an opportunity and encouraged Pitt to work with him to make the doodles a reality and create the pieces.

A continuous them that runs through Pitt’s table designs are legs that are created from a continuous line that tangles to create a scaled up, 3D doodle.

A recurring theme in Pitt's table designs is the substitution of conventional legs for one continuous line of structure, a single strip that undulates, bends and folds in a contorted 3D doodle.





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