#Trends. Cam-whoring

According to the Urban Dictionary the term 'Cam-Whoring' can have one of three possible meanings:
1. 'To take pictures of either yourself and/or with your friends excessively'.
2. 'The act of taking pictures of oneself with accuracy and precision in finding the right angle to obtain a much hotter/cuter looking of oneself as the result.'
3. Verb: 'The act of a single person, usually female, whoring in front of the camera and posting 35 photos of themselves per average day.'

Cam-whoring usually occurs when there is no spare person present who is unimportant enough to not appear in the photograph and also nice enough to take the picture for you. The only option is to extend your arm and point your camera or phone at yourself. This is a haphazard form of photography, often resulting in blurred, wonky images which more often than not miss the target all together. Try as you might, there is always a hint of the outstretched arm - the tell tale sign that this is not a beautiful chance-happening caught on film but a pre-meditated and boastful moment of shameless self-promotion.

Advertising agency Lowe Cape Town harnessed this internet phenomena when coming up with these powerful images for the Cape Times, sending out a clear and hilarious message that the Cape Times are but a mere arms length away from the biggest news stories the world has to offer. Some clever Photoshopping has had a remarkable effect on these famous images from history...





Quite a clever feat of advertising you'd have to agree.

Next time you feel embarrassed about your own bit of cam-whoring, just remember that it's good enough for Wills and Kate.

Jessica Hazel is a writer, blogger and director of Smoking Gun Vintage.


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