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Most of you know how much I travel every year. I often find it hard to discover genuine and authentic places when I visit a new city.

I have spent countless hours browsing through the pages of TripAdvisor and reading outdated recommendations on Lonely Planet.

Commercial city guides tend to recommend the same places over and over again. Before you know it, you find yourself surrounded by a horde of tourists who have walked into the same trap.

I believe that getting recommendations from trusted friends is the best way to avoid disappointment and discover local gems.

So I started asking mine to give me a list of their favourite places every time I paid a visit to a new city.

All of sudden I had stars all over my Google Maps and more places to visit than I had time for...


Over the years I have collected 'city treasures' from all over the world and discovered so many amazing things across our blue planet.

But these 'treasures' should be up for grabs for anyone! That’s why I decided to develop Amongst Friends City Guides.

I've collected over 1300+ recommendations across 17 cities by some carefully selected friends.

They have shared their favourite places in their cities to give YOU a better and more immersive experience the next time you visit one of their cities.

Everything is 100% integrated with Google Maps, the only thing you need to do is FOLLOW the map. Yes, I know, it's really that simple!



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