Trailblazers: Breaking the rules with Broken Fingaz Crew

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Founded in 2001, multidisciplinary art collective, Broken Fingaz, is regarded as one of the first of its kind to emerge from Haifa, Israel. In over a decade working together the group have become renowned for an eye-catching style inspired by everything from sex, death and comic books, to vintage porn, ‘80s skateboards graphics and neo-psychedelia. Having exhibited their work in galleries all over the world, the crew have also produced two stop motion films and their public murals can be seen on the streets of China, Japan, Cambodia, Brazil, Israel and much of Europe. We asked the crew’s founders, Unga, Tant and Deso, to tell us a bit more about street life.

Hi guys! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

We are the Broken Fingaz Crew. We come from the Middle East. We make paintings, zines, animations, installations and videos. Please let us sleep on your couch. 


Your recent group show in LA looked great, what went down?

‘SOFT’ was a 100% woven art show at Superchief Gallery, Los Angeles. Great idea great lineup.

L.A is a very fucked up place but we really liked it, the gallery was next to Skid Row and it felt like there was a zombie apocalypse going on outside. We built a temple inside the gallery and slept in it, after the show someone nice gave us his van and in return we painted it then took it on a three week tour around California. Fun times...


We loved walking past your mural on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch. Who did you create this for?

We did that without permission so we had to do it pretty quick - in only a few hours. When we arrived in East London we saw the Indian culture and got flashbacks to some trippy time we’d had in India earlier that year. The mural is kind of mix of those two worlds which is why we called it 'Flashbacks for Dinner'.


Aha! Any walls you’ve painted legally recently?

The one in Dusseldorf was legal. Our dear Russian friend KJ263 invited us there and we did it as a collaboration with him and with Mexer. It took us maybe 3-4 days, it's really huge.


When are you guys most creatively happiest?

When there's no one telling us what to do - asking us to "think outside the box", or telling us that something needs to look more "urban" or "vibrant"...


Tell us about your Blink-182 gig posters!

We did three of them for their last US tour which was fun, it's one of those things that your 16 year-old self would be incredibly happy about.


What project was the most fun to work on in 2016?

'Reality Check' was our first solo show which we just held in Rome. That was really nice, mainly because we had lots of new work and dope products.

What's next for you guys as you move into 2017?

We are returning to the far east soon to work on a secret project which we'll reveal more about later...

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing instead?

We’d open a hummus place, it’s our second love.

Is video a new direction for you? Or something you're looking to explore more?

We always want to try new stuff and we’ve played with animation and video since the beginning. We never took it to the next step because we were so focused on painting, but hopefully we will one day soon.



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