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Adam & Eve/DDB – Lloyds Bank

For Your Next Step

Lloyds Bank has launched a new brand campaign, its first since moving the account to adam&eveDDB in 2015. The new campaign introduces the “For Your Next Step” strap line, whilst also revealing how Lloyds Bank gives financial confidence to its customers as they approach their next steps in life. The new campaign continues the use of the iconic black horse, following its return in last year’s 250 anniversary campaign, also created by the agency. At the heart of the campaign is a striking 60 second film, shot in super slow motion, where we see the iconic Lloyds Bank black horse dramatically galloping through real life next step scenarios, such as the birth of a child, a marriage proposal, or a funeral. At the end of the film each of the scenes then returns to real time as we see each step unfold. The campaign launched on the 11th March and will run in TV, cinema, digital, print, outdoor and social media.

Having taken a look back through history, we are now looking forward to showing how Lloyds Bank can help give their customers confidence to take their next step” Mat Goff, Managing Director at adam&eveDDB

Wieden+Kennedy – National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Off My Wave

Wieden+Kennedy and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society are using virtual reality to let people living with multiple sclerosis experience their passions in a new way. MS is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. It can take things away from people, sometimes the things they love to do, or the ability to do them in the way they used to. To kick off MS Awareness week, the Society is launching “Together We Are Stronger,” a campaign that combines the power of storytelling, the strength of shared connections and the latest in technology. The campaign is aimed at bringing people together to share the solutions they have uncovered to overcome the challenges of MS. Two films, captured using VR technology, highlight Steve Bettis and Amy Meisner, each of whom have not been able to pursue their passions in the same way since their diagnosis of MS.

Exit Stage Never

”Off My Wave” stars Steve, a local surfer from Ocean Beach, CA, who has been living that lifestyle for over fifty years. A few years after his diagnosis his ability to balance and ride the waves started to fade. His good friend, professional long-boarder Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, took to the waves with a virtual reality camera so that Steve could once again experience the joy of being in the water again. “Exit Stage Never,” meanwhile, is headlined by Amy, a longtime professional dancer from NYC, who was diagnosed in 1997. She now dances with her wheelchair and choreographs others, but is unable to perform like she once did. LaTonya Swann, a fellow professional and BET's Born to Dance winner, took to the stage with a VR camera to share with Amy a new dance experience. The campaign also encourages individuals to connect and share their solutions and passions with one another by posting their own videos across social channels with #WeAreStrongerThanMS.

What became clear as we worked was how VR allowed these people to experience some of the things MS had taken from them. We aren't doctors, we can't cure MS, but for a little while we might be able to make it disappear” Joe Staples, Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy Portland

AMV BBDO – Whiskas

Kitten Kollege Episode 4

Whiskas has released a cure and hilarious addition to its consistently charming Kitten Kollege YouTube channel, revealing what happened when it opened its doors to a new French exchange student who just so happens to be a bulldog puppy! The video rather cunningly aims to show pet owners how important it is for their new kittens to mix with others from different backgrounds. Kitten Kollege is an innovative campaign for Whiskas, created by AMV BBDO in a unique collaboration with Google and Mediacom. The YouTube channel hosts creative content designed for mobile with the aim of entertaining and educating current and prospective kitten owners. The content has been developed with online sketch comedy kingpins College Humour, who managed the production and post-production. Since the channel launched in October 2015, Kitten Kollege content has delivered over 21 million views. Across such metrics as average view duration, click- and view-through-rates, engagement rates have exceeded all industry standards. The campaign was recently voted as the UK’s top ad by BrainJuicer as part of its global FeelMore50 rankings of the ads that helped build “Fame, Feeling and Fluency” for the world's top brands.

So far, Kitten Kollege has been really popular, largely due to the creative talents of our partners at AMV BBDO, College Humor, Google and MediaCom” Anthony Dean, Cat Portfolio Manager at Mars Petcare

MullenLowe London – Inspiring the Future

Redraw the Balance

Exactly one week on from International Women’s Day, a new film from MullenLowe London reveals the reality of gender stereotyping amongst primary school children. The two minute film was shot on location at Whitstable Junior School in Kent by Matt Huntley for Burger Films, with 20 children between the ages of 5 and 7. When asked to draw a firefighter, surgeon and a fighter pilot, 61 pictures were drawn of men and only 5 were female. The resulting “Redraw The Balance’”video provocatively captures how, early on in their education, children already define career opportunities as male and female. The pro-bono film has been made for the Inspiring the Future charity, which urges people to share with friends and colleagues and raise awareness of how much needs to be done to tackle gender stereotyping. The film is supported by three further pieces of content, each giving an insight into the three professional women’s experiences in doing what many perceive as a man’s job, the barriers they overcame and the challenges they still face. In all, it's a clever and lightly comedic way to get across a point that shouldn't really need to be made in 2016. It also steers clear of most of the traps most spots featuring small children fall into, and never once lapses into easy laughs or smug sentimentality.

It’s our responsibility as working professionals, as well as educators, to encourage and inspire young minds that the majority of jobs and roles today are available for women, and not just men” Richard Denney, ECD of MullenLowe London

Publicis London – Morrisons

#Make Easter – Chairs

The first major campaign by Publicis London for Morrisons launched this week to promote the retailer’s new official brand proposition; “Morrisons Makes It.” The campaign marks the agency’s first major work since winning the account in January this year. The aim of the campaign is to convey to shoppers the understanding that food means more than just what’s on the plate. The campaign brings to life the emotion of food, and the role it often plays in our lives; such as bringing family together and happiness. The first TV ad, titled “Chairs,” features a whole family gathered around the table for Easter, and the traditional hunt to find sufficient chairs for everyone to get seated for a delicious roast lamb, which has been lovingly prepared in store by Morrisons Dewsbury store butcher, Cam. The personal touch is what really sells the ad, and the brand's new positioning. The campaign includes press and radio, and will extend into digital and social in fun, entertaining and useful ways. Morrisons will help make Easter a special occasion for shoppers through interesting content and timely, location based messaging to help people buy the food that makes the moment for them.

The campaign is all about the two things right at the heart of the brand, good food, and good honest people” Dave Monk, ECD at Publicis London

Honourable Mention: Mother London – Stella Artois

The History of Sebastian Artois

Ready for a quick history lesson? Then look no further than this latest for Stella Artois tells us the story of Sébastien Artois, and how he came to own his very own brewery back in 1708 and lay the foundations for what would become one of the world's best loved lager brands. Spectacularly filmed and wonderfully quirky, the subtly charming spot tells how the young Sébastien sold everything he had to fulfil his dream of becoming head brewer at his own brewery. The upbeat ad was conceived by Mother London, with direction from Francois Rousselet of Riff Raff, and only misses out on a top 5 placing due to the fact it's been an especially good week for creative advertising!


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