The Sweet Spot: Loveable Valentine’s Day Campaigns for 2016

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In case you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day drops in just two more sleeps. As ever, brands are busy capitalising on all the love in the air to match people to their products.

So far we’ve seen a mixed bag of tongue-in-cheek titillation, self-aware sentimentality and some all out heartstring-tuggers. Here are a few campaigns that caught our eye…

Tesco Matchmaker - BBH London

They say food is the way to someone’s heart, but can it also be the litmus test for finding the right heart to feed in the first place? Tesco are here to find out with their 2016 Valentine’s campaign. In an experiment akin to TV’s First Dates or Dinner Date, psychotherapist Rachel Morris matches single shoppers based on their baskets. Watch the moments of awkwardness unfold as pairs meet for the first time down the aisle.



Following the food theme, we’ve all heard of cat cafes (yes, you have), but what about a Dog’s Diner? National charity Dog’s Trust are using Valentine’s Day to launch MicroChippy, a clever campaign to raise awareness about microchipping pets, to make sure you and your beloved are never apart. They’ve teamed up with Bubbledogs in Clerkenwell to create some delicious dog’s dinners. So why not take your furry friend out this weekend?

Love is complicated - IKEA


If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that relationships are a lot like flat pack furniture (simple in principle, but complicated to assemble) then these fun ads from Ikea Singapore might be for you. Proving that instruction books aren’t just for furniture, these tongue-in-cheek ads give you a few tips for resolving those lovers’ tiffs.

NHS Better left unsaid - Aesop

It’s not always easy to say the right thing, as anyone who’s ever been on an awkward date can tell you. This February, the NHS have decided to use those cringe-inducing moments to remind you that some things are worth saying.

Hook your solemate


Playing on the idea there are plenty of fish in the sea, fashion brand Ted Baker have launched an interactive digital game encouraging you to “go fish” for your perfect match. With bold, colourful graphics from SMACK, Ted Baker's Hook your Solemate offers shoppers the chance to win a £1000 shopping spree.

Agency Sweethearts


Setting out to seduce their clients with everyone’s favourite heart-shaped sweets, agency Evans Hunt are rekindling their love affair with advertising. With messages like “Be my KPI” and “Talk copy to me”, this custom made confectionary is a perfect mash up of cheeky chat up lines and cheesy ad-speak.

The Proposal

It’s only right to leave you with something a little soppy, so here’s one for all the hopeless romantics. Hasan & Partners have teamed up with Helsinki-based chocolatiers Geisha, to help shy Finns with that most life-changing of questions. Here’s what happened when one-half of all the diners in a pop-up restaurant decided to propose ... it's much more understated and endearing than you might imagine for a stunt like this.

(If that’s tipped you well over on the cheese scales, then here’s a fun film Geisha did last year involving the ever-awkward task of gift wrapping.)


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