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The top 7 animated campaigns this year.

If anything, 2020 has been a wonderful year for animation. With all of us stuck at home for most of the year, animators have had quite some more time on their hands and this was not a weak year for the craft at all. The best animated campaigns of 2020 have all the magnificent beauty and strength of the ones from years past, if not more.

There is nothing quite like animation to get your heart pumping in awe and to spark some inspiration this Christmas. Animated films are a beauty even beyond cinema, especially if they act as a visual sensation and a wonderful, sensory story to experience.

This year’s top animated film campaigns are all this, and more.

AMV BBDO & Chelsea Pictures - ‘Wombstories’ for Libresse

It’s not hard to imagine why this amazing work for Libresse would be one of the best animated films of 2020. The film by AMV BBDO and Chelsea Pictures is not just good – it’s award-good. Giving a voice to all the women out there and bringing to life all that is beautiful about being a woman – with its ups and downs. Just stunning, and with a breathtaking style of animation as well.

Mother - ‘There’s a Monster in my Kitchen’ for Greenpeace

The independent agency from London already secured a gleaming Gold prize for Annual 2019 with its amazing Rang-Tan short film. This sequel is nothing short of wonderful. This time tackling the issue of mass deforestation associated with meat production, the film is not only beautifully animated, it is extremely powerful too. No doubts, one of the best ads from this year.

Juice - ‘Start with Connection’ for PSA

I love some good 3D, especially when paired with such a great story. This short film by Juice beautifully condenses the struggles of living with addiction and the hope that comes with seeing a light at the end of that dark tunnel. Terrific music, animation and concept, wonderfully creative.

Blue Zoo Animation Studio - ‘In Shapes’

I talked about this short animation by Blue Zoo on Creativepool just some days ago, and it easily carved a special place into my heart straight away. Though this was not inherently made for a client, but through one interesting internal programme, it still turned out to be a beautiful film about self-love and teenage years. Elegant, powerful and just plain adorable.

Space Agency - ‘Where Next?’ For Glenfiddich

I just had to include the Glenfiddich stag. A testament to the strength and boldness of the Glenfiddich brand, a fierce and proud 30-second film by Space with epic soundtrack and a strong message about resilience – all the more relevant in such a challenging year. And that stag is so well made! It’s impossible not to get goosebumps with this film.

Leo Burnett London & Factory Studios - ‘Inner Child’ for McDonald’s

Factory worked on so many Christmas campaigns this year that it’s hard to keep count. But this with Leo Burnett London is quite obviously one of my favourites. As if this version of Forever Young weren’t enough to get us watering up, this film also plays flawlessly with the metaphor of the titular ‘inner child.’ What’s not to love about this?

adam&eveDDB - ‘Give a Little Love’ for John Lewis & Partners

I almost put Disney’s Christmas ad in instead, but this work by adam&eveDDB had to be included. Whether it convinced consumers or not, this monumental work of animation for John Lewis & Partners needs to be celebrated. The ad jumps from live action to animation several times and, even then, it still keeps jumping between styles, moving from plain 2D to a Bojack-Horseman-like paper style, to 3D, and back to live action. I can’t imagine the amount of work that got into this. And somehow, perhaps with a sprinkle of Christmas magic, it all works perfectly.


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