The Best 30 Websites for Creative Inspiration

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Of course we are in the list.

Any creative professional will need some daily inspiration to overcome the occasional roadblock at work. It’s just the way things are – we need to look at art to remain inspired.

Whether you are a designer, an illustrator, a photographer, a web designer, a video maker or any other kind of creative, we have collected a list of the top 30 websites for creative inspiration below.

The best websites for creative inspiration

Sometimes, looking for inspiration can be as hard as digging through a coal mine looking for some gold. Unless you’re playing Minecraft, of course. The best websites for daily inspiration can seem hard to find, but there are a lot of platforms, magazines and blogs out there that can help you get inspired.

Here we go!

Best Websites for Designers

  • Abduzeedo - Abduzeedo was founded as a personal blog, but it soon developed into a collective of individual writers. There you’ll find articles about design, photography, UI/UX, architecture and more.
  • Brand New - Every branding expert should have Brand New high in their bookmarks. This lovely blog hosts reviews and news of the best rebrands in the industry – and some of the worst too!
  • Creativepool - Of course we are the best website for design inspiration! Using the Discovery mode in our Talent and Companies tabs, you will be able to scroll through the endless stream of projects uploaded on Creativepool, covering all your design and inspiration needs.
  • Pttrns - Pttrns! A colourful, delightful collection of mobile screenshots for all your UX/UI needs. Great to find some references for your app screens.
  • Adobe Color - This isn’t really just for graphic designers, but for any kind of visual creative out there. Adobe Color lets you create colour palettes in the blink of an eye. Extremely useful for illustrations, web designs and graphic designs.


Photo credit: Daniel Da Hora

Best Websites for Illustrators

  • Directory of Illustration - Literally what the name says: a directory of incredible illustrations, to be filtered by keywords, style or categories to find some references for your drawings.
  • Central Illustration Agency - The CIA (yes, you read that right) is a curated platform and an incredible website for all the illustrators out there. You can also submit your art to be published on the homepage!
  • DeviantArt - DeviantArt used to be much bigger a few years ago, but it’s still a great place to find some references for your illustrations and designs. Especially if you are a geek!
  • Global Street Art - If you are into street art, you need to check Global Street Art as one of your one-stop-shops for inspiration. There is no better place to find some Street Art illustrations!
  • ArtStation - A portfolio site and a great resource for both 2D and 3D artists, especially from the video games industry. It has everything from game art to concepts, storyboards and visualisations.


Photo credit: Javier Medellin Puyou

Best Websites for Photographers

  • 500px - With a community of over 60 million members, 500px is an amazing place for photographers wanting to share their work. Great to inspire your next shots… And share your own!
  • Flickr Blog - An almost natural complement to the main Flickr site, the blog by Flickr is both a great resource for inspiration and for news about the photography scene.
  • 1X - Elegant, premium and visually stunning. And we haven’t even mentioned the photos yet! 1X is a curated platform with great resources for all the best photographers out there.
  • Ain’t Bad - A great place for photography art. There you can find news and articles glorifying the beauty of photography, including interviews with top artists from around the world.
  • Instagram - It’s Instagram! What else do you need to know? It’s the most popular platform to share visual work out there, and a great place for photographers too. Just be careful with usage rights!


Photo credit: Ken Gerhardt - The Artist

Best Websites for Video Professionals & Filmmakers

  • IndieWire - IndieWire is the website for independent filmmakers. Period. It’s a great source of news, reviews, interviews and videos about the art of filmmaking – it even has its own awards!
  • Go Into The Story - Screenwriters, beware. Go Into The Story is yet another place for you to procrastinate. But it is one of the best curated Medium blogs, perfect to delve deeper into the art of screenwriting.
  • r/Filmmakers - Reddit has saved our lives many times. The Filmmakers Subreddit is no different! A trove of memes, videos, great discussions and inspiration for any filmmaker out there.
  • PremiumBeat - If you are tight on budget, you can always count on Royalty Free music. PremiumBeat is a great platform for high-quality soundtracks, and a great option for your next short film.
  • NoFilmSchool - No film school? No problem! This site believes that anyone can become a filmmaker, and it provides all the necessary resources to help you do so. Amazing to find some sudden inspiration.


Photo credit: ITV Creative

Best Websites for Web Designers

  • Web Design Inspiration - Simple, isn't it? A great place to find inspiration for your web designs! The website is very colourful and easy to use too, with categories, Editor's Picks and more tools to find your daily inspiration.
  • Awwwards - What better source of inspiration than web design awards? Looking at the winners of the Awwwards can really kickstart your creative juices and set you off on the right path for a great user design experience!
  • Commerce Cream - This delicate, pastel website is a curated platform for everything Shopify. It collects and highlights the best examples of eCommerce experience for any web designer’s delight.
  • Land-book - Another curated platform, this time showing a variety of different websites from around the Internet. And of course it is a great example of web design itself!
  • CSS Nectar - As the name suggests, this site is pure nectar for anyone looking for CSS inspiration. It has examples of websites from gaming, photography, agencies and more, and it also gives the opportunity to submit your own site!


Photo credit: Cheddar Creative

Best Websites for Artists, Writers, Game Designers and more

  • Medium - If you are a writer or dabble in writing, you have to have Medium. It is a great platform to connect with other writers, perfect to find some inspiration or make some practice with the finest of all crafts.
  • Creative Boom - If you're looking for art & design news, you have to know Creative Boom. It has features, interviews and more inspiring articles for any creative out there. Plus, we'd spend hours playing with those little eyes at the top!
  • Behance - Behance is a good source of inspiration for anything creative, including web design, UI/UX, graphic design and more. It has pages and pages of projects for you to get inspired with.
  • Dribbble - Dribbble is a direct competitor of Behance, though some believe it is more visual and more focused on UI/UX than its counterpart. Regardless of that, it is a must-have website for any creative.
  • Open Game Art - If you are a game dev, you probably heard about the Unity Asset Store. But did you know Open Game Art? It is a collection of free game art, perfect for when your design muscle is a bit dormant!


Photo credit: Kevin Relf

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