The 2016 Annual Winners

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It gives us great pleasure in announcing this years Annual winners!


New this year we presented the limited edition gold books for the winners in each category. (On top of this we also print 15,000 other copies and distribute them across the globe, to brands and agencies, as well as sending copies to such amazing events as Cannes Lions).

Like everything we do at Creativepool, and unlike a traditional award that just sits on your awards shelf, this gives your work unparalleled exposure. 

The work this year was nothing short of incredible. We were genuinely humbled by the response. You will all see this from the quality of the winners who made it into the final publication. As I hope you all know there was 2 parts to the judging, and 2 ways in which you could appear in the Annual. One part was a traditional judging process done by our panel of judges. For those of you who took the time to look at this year's judges - we had an exceptional group. So a big shout out to them, they did an excellent, and difficult job.


Secondly was the People's Choice, we are the only creative award in the world that contains a People's Choice element. The response we had this year far exceeded our expectations with more than 12,000 people having their voices heard. Thank you all for taking the time to vote. Also a big shout out to our partners. We genuinely could not have done this without you. The category partners will be helping me to hand out Annuals to this years winners. Finally, a thank you to our printers Ambrose, who did an incredible job under a very tight deadline. And to Rosie Harriet Ellis for these lovely photos of the Annual! 

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Check out all the photos from the evening over on Creativepool’s Profile.

And now for the news you have been waiting for! A massive congradulations to all the winners listed here: 


Nucco Brain Studio,  At First Sight
Taylor James, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken – Stagley
INK, Land Rover
People's Choice: Bomper Studio, Marilyn 2K15

Advertising: Broadcast

Blair Barnette, Perfect Fit
Strange Beast, Fly Robot, Fly
VCCP, #becauseitschristmas
People's Choice: 72andSunny Amsterdam, Find Your Magic

Advertising: Print

ais London, I Wish My Son Was A Dog
The Community, You Give More Than Just Blood
Tim Brookes Rekindle, Your Love Of A Real Book
People's Choice: Alex Gourdol, Sell In One Click


Psyop, La Mer Animation
VCCP, Make Them Giants
Jelly London, We Need To Talk About Alice
People's Choice: Nicholas Edmondson, Welcome to Amsterdam


Acorns, Acorns
Rich Brown, World in Figures
The Monkeys, Here
People's Choice: KidDotCo, Ibbleobble


jones knowles ritchie, Young's: Signs with Stories
Landor, A remarkable new brand language for Etihad
jones knowles ritchie, Wheaties
People's Choice: DixonBaxi, Eurosport


TMW Unlimited, Lynx Bigger Issues
ais London, The Attention Test
72andSunny Amsterdam, Find Your Magic - INSTAGROOM
People's Choice: Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley Digital Signage Times Square

Direct Mail

Gravity Thinking, Hendrick’s Hypnagoggles
Mr. President, Last Great Malts
MBA, Digital Dave - The Personalised Hologram
People's Choice: VCCP, The Children's Society


AKQA, The Last Shot
Platige Image, Romeo & Juliet
TMW Unlimited, Lynx Black Space
People's Choice: Bloomberg, The stories behind the things you buy


jones knowles ritchie, PG tips: Refreshing Tea
Despina Kannaourou, 10th Limassol Documentary Festival
Alessandro Monaco, Chroma Balance
People's Choice: Bloomberg, Business is unexpected


The Community, Never Stop Riding
Eiko Ojala, Illustration for New York Times
Casmic LAB, 30th International Film Fest of València Cinema Jove
People's Choice: Jonathan Williams, Metropolitan Police


SHH Architects, Ricoh Arena
Shaun Mills, Jungle Mural
JHP, Amouage MCC Store
People's Choice: Innersmile, Phoenix Youth Space


Ivory, J2O - What's the time Mr Wolf
MullenLowe, Tube Strike
JCDecaux, Jurassic World Waterloo
People's Choice: Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley Digital Signage Times Square


jones knowles ritchie, Budweiser Liberty
Elmwood, Sharper flavour from the land of contrasts
jones knowles ritchie, Budweiser
People's Choice: Bulletproof, Haywards


Ernest Otoo, Tabula Rasa
JSR agency, represents Perou, Coulrophobia
House of Juba, represents Jenny Lewis, One Day Young
People's Choice: Marta Kochanek, Dressed for Work


Bjorn van den Hout, Chargeboard
Alexander Matthams, KAY
Wael Seaiby, PLAG
People's Choice: Priyanka Shah, Household Objects


Riff Raff Films, Finish "Dishes"
Great Guns, Preacherman
Great Guns, Poo Face
People's Choice: Blair Barnette, Cahoots - No Money


SNASK, Häng Konsten Lågt
Wild Billy and Crazy Dave, Little Atoms
The District, Undergraduate Prospectus
People's Choice: Forth Studio, 10 Year Anniversary Book


Monotype, Type Reinvented
Fontsmith, FS Millbank
Superfried, BLK LTR Series
People's Choice: Fran Mendez, 36 Days of type Numbers


ais London, Fightback
Joe Gilbert, Streets in the Sky
Blair Barnette, John Grant
People's Choice: REN Gender Bender


Google Creative Lab, Inside Abbey Road
AKQA, Don't Look Away
Nice and Serious, Catswing
People's Choice: INK Digital Agency, Experience the Exceptional


Newcomer of The Year

Blair Barnette
People's Choice: Peter Stylianou

Influencer of The Year

Daniel Bonner
People's Choice: Fabio Seidl

Agency of The Year

Wieden & Kennedy
People's Choice: jones knowles ritchie


Photography By Rosie Harriet Ellis 


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