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"I am an apparel and branding graphic designer with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of production methods, innovative techniques and application of graphics. I specialise in producing trend driven graphics and branding for the fashion industry. I have worked with international companies from denim brand Replay to high street retailer Next, across menswear , womenswear and boyswear collections. I love working across different projects bringing together photography and art direction, typography and illustration."

Mirko Albertin

Mirko Albertin
Senior Fashion & Branding Graphic Designer

Twitter: @mirkoalbertin
Tumblr: indigo-7.com
LinkedIn: Mirko Albertin
Website: stylegrafico.com



Describe your work in 140 characters.

A modern style with a handcrafted touch, minimalistic approach combined with old aesthetics.


What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I put a lot of passion in what I do and I try not to follow trends in graphic design as I'd rather have my own style. I like handcrafted things and to personalise everything I do.


What excites you most about being a creative?

The possibility to combine different passions such as photography, typography, illustration and create something completely new and original each time.


How did your love of fashion start?

Since I can remember! I suppose it runs in my family as my mother used to be a tailor creating her own designs. I grew up between fabrics and threads.


How long have you been working as a creative?

I have been working in the fashion and retail business for over 14 years!


What got you started in the creative industry?

During university I started working for one of my tutrs over the summer break and I’ve never stopped since.


Tell us about some of the campaigns you've worked on...

I have been lucky enough to work for amazing companies such as  REPLAY, E-PLAY ,SONNETI ,NEXT and most recently AVERY DENNISON where I collaborated and developed branding materials for HUGO BOSS.


What's been your favourite to work on?

I've enjoyed working on every single project as each is so different and unique. I love projects which involve denim, heritage and vintage so working for REPLAY years ago was a lot of fun, I loved working on the rebranding at Sc51 formerly Sonneti, and more recently developing  branding materials in an exciting project for HUGO BOSS ORANGE label.


If you could work on any project for any brand, what would it be and who would it be for?

I have a passion for truly jeans brands such as DIESEL, LEVI'S and admire the work that SCOTCH AND SODA is doing so, I would love to be involved in designing a graphics collection with one of these extraordinary companies.


What's been the most important lesson learnt so far?

Never stop learning and keep yourself interested in different areas not only related to your work. Inspiration and ideas really can come from everything and anything around you!


What frustrates you the most about your line of work?

'Tweaking' artwork is considered 5 minute job!


What's the best advice you've ever received, and who from?

It was from a famous Creative Director I know:

"When you are stuck or looking for inspiration get off the computer go for a walk and look around you you will be amazed by the amount of ideas that will comes to you."


What's your favourite bit of advertising ever?

It has to be (staying in the fashion world) the legendary Levi's "Launderette" TV commercial with Nick Kamen.


What gadget, gizmo, or tool can't you live without?

My iPhone and iPad.


Got a favourite app?

Anything in social networking: Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp.


Tell us something random about you that will shock our readers

I love reading murder mystery books especially from the 1920’s to the 1940’s!


If you could choose your own super power, what would it be, and why?

I would say teleportation, like you would see on 'Star Trek'. I am not sure this is considered a super power but it would make my life so easy.


Where would you go in a time machine?

Berlin back in the 1930's  and attending  the Bauhaus school.



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