She Dynasty - a powerful podcast about 'women who rule'

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She Dynasty is a powerful podcast about 'women who rule' - successful entrepreneurs, change-makers, c-suite executives and leaders who are making their dreams a reality.

The latest episiode unites Valerie Moizel, The Woo ECD/co-founder and She Dynasty founder/host,  with Deutsch LA president, Kim Getty. It’s a conversation aimed at inspiring women, especially those in the ad industry, to find common ground and support each other while celebrating their own successes.

During each episode, Moizel engages women in candid discussions about inspiration, management, creativity and mentorship. They reflect on their journey using the She Dynasty signature 4-S roadmap:

  • The Spark

  • The Snag

  • The Shift 

  • Success

She Dynasty was started as a passion project by Moizel and, with the contribution of many voices, has become an inspiring and supportive community of ambitious women turning their visions into realities.

Among them, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder of OPI Nails; Courtney Sanchez, COO of Vimeo; Sandra Campos, CEO of Diane Von Furstenberg; Arielle Patrick, senior VR and transaction director at Edelman; and Xanthe Wells, ECD at Google, and more. It aims to ignite a spark of the next chapter or big idea that resides inside each of us.

Listen to the latest episode here.


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