Retrospective: Trailblazers of 2011



Nakia Matthewson
Creative, Art Director - Broadcast, Graphic Designer - Production


"Passionate, driven and motivated by creative individuals, I thrive on the chance to collaborate with creative minds. I am inspired by those who dare to do things differently and appreciate the value to be had from different personalities and approaches. "

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Stephen Banks
Graphic Designer, Photographer


"My website has all of my projects completed so far, both inside university and away from it:"

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Scott Eckersley
Graphic Designer, Retoucher


"Graphic Design - Brochures, business cards, flyers, logos, editorial Design, info-graphics, vector illustration Photoshop - Digital Artistry, Retouching Illustration - concept art, character design, poster and t-shirt design"

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Yi Lin Juliana Ong
Print Designer


"The reason I like to freelance is so to be able to do my own practice as an artist/illustrator. I am very comfortable with Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. I am still in love with typography and book design, thus will like to do these besides trying to draw for profitable or non-profitable purposes. "

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Mario Kostov


"Hello, I’m a professional Graphic designer and illustrator with six years experience in Graphic design, Custom Art, Visual communication and Custom Paintings."

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Luis Pastor
Creative Artworker, Illustrator, Storyboard Artist


"Over the last few years, I acquired a huge experience in the creative world and further digital graphic skills that enrich my traditional illustrator and engraving background."

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Lee Exton
Graphic Designer, Branding Designer, Web Designer


"Id & Ego design is a design partnership formed in Feb 2009. After Graduating from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in June 2008 the company was forged from the contacts and skills we had developed during our time at university."

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Anna Kovalevskaya
3D Interior Designer, 3D Artist


"3d designer with previous experience in Architectural practice, including exterior, interior and furniture modelling and visualization. Have an interest in exhibition design, hold Interior design and Architecture degrees."

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Chris Henley


"Northamptonshire based freelance Designer & Art Director with over 9 years experience in print and digital media. "

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Zoe Weir
Graphic Designer, Fashion Graphic Designer, Illustrator


"I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from New Zealand, currently living in London, UK. I have a Bachelor of Design degree with Honours, majoring in Visual Communication Design."

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Virginia Neves
Fashion Designer, Accessories Designer, Footwear Designer


"Finally in 2009 I decide to join the masters of arts creation couture where I was abble to learn the traditional French technique of couture. "

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Serena Montesissa


"My name is Serena Montesissa and I am an Italian architect, actually working as freelance designer and architect, I have just moved from Italy."

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