Holiday project from Transparent House is brilliant Augmented Reality snow globe

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Like many creative companies, the international next-generation creative studio Transparent House has a long history of applying its ever-expanding talent set to develop innovative promotional projects that can serve as practical demonstrations. 

When TH's president Denis Krylov commissioned the new holiday-themed "Transparent SF" Augmented Reality App, he invited his colleagues to create an animated version of San Francisco that would showcase their talents in signature style... from the shape of the city (matching the shape of the company's logo) to the highly recognizable geography, bridges, architecture, ships, moving cable cars and vehicles, its pride flag, and even some homeless tents (to keep it real).

"We used the exciting new ARkit from Apple to allow anyone to see 'Transparent SF' come to vibrant life in Augmented Reality on any flat surface," Denis says. "Our goal was to make this 'AR snow globe' entertaining and educational, while also presenting a fun canvas demonstrating how AR can be used to engage audiences of all ages in new ways."

Here is the link to download the App itself (the AR version is only available for Apple iPhones 6S and newer):

Android users can download this demo App (not AR but still very cool):

With offices in SF, LA, Moscow and Berlin, TH has built its reputation at the intersection of digital, art and commerce. Specializing in the creation of stunning 3D assets, branded environments and high-end retail developments, TH employs strategic digital innovation and 3D for high-profile, future-looking brands. One of its recent projects for large-scale real estate developers like Brookfield Residential and FivePoint Holdings includes The SF Shipyard VR Tour. This 3D VR mobile experience allows anyone to tour the popular SF Shipyard development from anywhere in the world, with the ability to pick out and design a condo. 

Interestingly, TH's holiday greeting in 2015 consisted of a custom Google Cardboard viewer, and a custom VR App. Since that led to some groundbreaking project assignments in VR, the company’s policy of producing thoughtful, practical demonstrations is clearly paying off.

Learn more about Transparent House and see the studio's latest work at


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