6 tips and tricks to win that £6,000 grand prize in our UGC powered competition

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There are just 20 days left to submit your Jukin Media user-generated-content powered social media campaigns! See the full brief here.

Here are a few tips on how to submit, and win that £6,000 grand prize!

1. Use as many or as few clips as you like

Use as many or as few clips as you like from the Jukin Media Video Catalogue to create your :15, :30 or :45 second digital/social media campaign! Remember, sometimes less is more, especially on social media.

Here's a 5-clip campaign for O2, and two single-clip campaigns for Samsung and An Post.

2. Include live action, animation, graphics... If you want to!

At least 80% of the campaign should be UGC from Jukin's catalogue, the other 20% can be live action, animation, motion graphics...

Here are examples of campaigns that are made up of live action and UGC for Nike and Frulite On The Go

3. Choose ANY brand.

We have listed a few sectors in the brief - or go rogue and choose ANY brand!.

4. Make a video that you want to share!

When it comes to UGC, we share content that makes us laugh, cry or ouch! An impossible 'win', an unbelievable moment caught on camera - basically the type of content that is at your fingertips using Jukin's video catalogue - get creative!

5. Let it breathe.

You can either create a dynamic high-energy fast-paced spot like Frulite On The Go or, as Samsung and An Post have done, let the clip breath to communicate the story and brand message.

6. Search tips.

→ You can access all of Jukin's RAW clips via the Jukin Media Licensing Platform. Key-wording and metadata can be quite American so it's best to keep your search terms short, trying colloquial variations to find the best content.

→ Check out The Wire for newly acquired content including trending and viral content.

→ OR if you're familiar with Jukin's owned and operated social brands you can view content in compilation form on their Facebook or YouTube pages, then hunt out the RAW clips on their licensing platform - this should give you a good understanding of the type of organic user-generated video you have to work with!

People Are Awesome
The number one destination for amazing videos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Fail Army
The world’s number one source of epic fail videos.

Jukin Video
The home of the best viral videos from across the world.

The Pet Collective
Home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos online.

Poke My Heart
Poke My Heart is a celebration of life's most touching, universal moments.

We look forward to seeing all your submissions!


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