5 questions for the agency of tomorrow

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The relationships between agencies and their clients are under increasing scrutiny. Brands are being pushed to reduce marketing costs while delivering more personalised content tailored to the needs of multiple channels with less time permitted to turn work around.

Having recently spoken to David Kassler, CEO of Tag, on the subject, he explained that agencies that can prove themselves truly trustworthy will be the ones that survive.

Looking to the future of the industry, he suggested that the agency of tomorrow will have to answer five key questions in their self-assessments of their purpose. Here’s what Kassler recommends as points to address:


See it through

Can you deliver seamlessly and cost-effectively along the entire path to purchase?


Always on(line)

Does your offering reflect the fact that consumers spend most of their time today online?


Spend smart

How are you ensuring clients’ needs come first, over internal bonus structures and cost targets?


Bill to last

Are your contractual arrangements fully transparent and is your billing of the highest possible integrity?


See the world

Can you deliver globally/internationally to achieve brand consistency and cost efficiency across borders?


Answer those questions and you’ll be in a good position to determine whether you’re built for what’s ahead as things accelerate and ground continues to shift in the ad industry.

Let us know if there are any additional ones you’d add to the list in the comments below.


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