3 Brands Expanding their Narrative through CGI Storytelling

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Storytelling has always been at the heart and soul of a successful brand identity, creating an approachable personality to encourage consumer engagement. But with the rise of the tech-savvy Generation Z, brands are innovating by telling their tales in different ways. One of those ways currently trending amongst a handful of the world's biggest brands is CGI. 

Several Pixar blockbusters have proved that CGI is a fantastic way to tell a story; now brands are joining in. Using computer generated imagery to produce content allows brands to manipulate their story like never before. Elements such as the weather, light and location are completely controllable in CGI. In short, the possibilities are endless. CGI allows brands to take consumers through a dynamic dream-like sequence that's far more grounded in reality than a 2D cartoon could ever hope to be.

Using creativity, originality, and flair, these mini CGI masterpieces perfectly balance humour and art to captivate audiences of all ages. But it's not an easy task to get right. Take a look through these 3 exquisite examples to see how it should be done.


Nike Risk Everything
The World Cup may be over but that doesn't mean our appreciation for the captivating mini-blockbuster Nike created for the 2014 tournament has to end. Building on its recent 'Risk Everything' tagline and promoting the new Nike Soccer app, 'The Last Game' brought audience members young and old back to the pure essence of their passion for the beautiful game. Although in hindsight the choice of stars may seem questionable, the campaign captured imaginations from all corners of the world. In terms of its success and benefits for Nike, well, 67 million YouTube views and counting says it all really. (WATCH IT)

McLaren F1

McLaren Tooned
McLaren's witty and mischievous Tooned is exemplary of brands using storytelling to appeal to a wider audience and build greater brand loyalty. Not so much a specific advertising campaign, the adorable cartoon is more of a sideline, designed to push the boundaries of branded content in an industry not often associated with laughs. Highly stylised characters and double entendre aplenty make the animation popular amongst adults and children alike, as well as making the brand seem much more accessible.

The first series back in 2012 focused on the camaraderie between McLaren's then drivers, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Coinciding with McLaren's 50 year anniversary in Formula 1 motor racing, the second series tells the history of the brand, from its humble beginnings with Bruce McLaren in a Kiwi shed, all the way through to the multimillion pound technology pioneer we know today. Watch series 2 from the very beginning or click here to zoom all the way back to the Hamilton/Button era.


BBC Olympics
With a mind-blowing 2012 Olympic Games came an equally explosive television trailer from its official UK broadcaster. Exquisite animation and a music score worthy of Hollywood, the BBC's London 2012 ad managed to tackle the truly British trepidation and pessimism apparent in the months leading up to Games, and prove that they were misplaced. The CGI trailer reminded Brits to have faith, and identified the real stars of the London Olympics whilst setting the perfect stage. It solidified the BBC's position as Great Britain's premier broadcaster. (WATCH IT)


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