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Last year, a communications agency from Latin America surprised us all across the board by being awarded the PR Agency of the Year prize in Annual 2020. One year later, and the energy of Sherlock Communications (also to be rendered as Sherlock Comms – get it?) hasn't flickered a bit.

It appears that, according to Managing Partner Alasdair Townsend, there aren't that many opportunities in Latin America to celebrate creativity and successes with an international public. After seeing the outstanding work that is being produced by the agency on a regular basis, we literally can't wait to see what they will share this year.

For this Annual Spotlight, we are learning more about Sherlock Communications and their winning entries, as well as their hopes for 2021.

Annual 2021 is accepting standard submissions until 27th May. Enter now to grab your slice of creative immortality!

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What feels unique about The Annual?

The sheer mixture of disciplines and countries that it encompasses. As an agency from Latin America, there are very few opportunities for us to share our work with the international, English-speaking creative community, and even less that let us do so with such a broad range of professionals that give you real feedback and inspiration.

How does it feel to have won the Creativepool Annual Awards?

In a challenging year, it was a fantastic validation not just for us and our team, but also for our clients. Particularly, Pimp My Carroça, an amazing NGO that supports recycling waste collectors in Brazil and Colombia, who are responsible for an incredible 90% of all the recycling done in the countries. Pimp My Carroça who were able to share the great news with all their supporters and importantly, new sponsors, underlining the fantastic work they already do.


Will you be entering again this year? If so, what are your hopes?

Of course! While Covid-19 related headlines have taken up too many column inches in recent months, we’re hoping to be able to share more positive news and perspectives from Latin America. 

Can you tell us more about your winning submissions and what you think impressed the judges?

I believe we were able to portray how we, as a company, think and work with our clients, and how we use our creative process to help generate tangible business results.

Regarding Pimp My Carroça’s submission, for example, we were able to show some of the different organic ways we were able to help the NGO, that led to very real, monetary outcomes. 

From well-known influencers publicizing the cause organically, to national and international news outlets running stories that increased the movement’s visibility, we saw how this led to significant crowd-funding donations as well as deals with new, blue-chip sponsors. 

Through our campaign, we were also able to massively increase usage of the Cataki app (that is proven to increase waste collectors’ income by up to 69 percent) with 53,000 downloads in just six months. We also showed how the campaign also went beyond mere marketing actions, and led to lasting change when waste collectors carts were fitted with solar plates to enable the collectors to charge their phones.


What advice would you share with other agencies and individuals looking to grab a prize?

Try to focus on the outcomes, and show how your creative thinking led to real change. 

How do you feel Covid has impacted the creative landscape in 2020?

2020 was a year that presented unique challenges, and demanded everyone drastically rethink their original plans and strategies. At times like that, it’s possible to feel very isolated and out on a limb. Seeing how others have been in the same position, and how they have used their creativity to find solutions is not only very inspiring, it makes you realise you’re not alone! 


What are your hopes for 2021 and beyond?

A global vaccine rollout, and being able to hold our annual agency party.

What is your most exciting project in the next year?

We’ve been inspired by our clients international law-firm, PGMBM and non-profit, the Mayo Clinic, both of whom have been doing genuinely life-changing work in Latin America, fighting injustice and promoting health, medical research and understanding. Victory in the Annual would help spread their important messages to an even wider audience.


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