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Packaging Gallery: Premium Coffee

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Coffee, like wine, has become a product for aficionados. Consequently, a substantial market for high-concept bags of beans has evolved, with each brand using design as its weapon win the battle to become the coffee enthusiast's preferred brew. Below are a few examples of what a 21st Century caffeine connoisseurs would be more than happy to wake up next to.

19th Century etchings instantly inject a brand with character.

London Coffee Roasters London Coffee Roasters Goodson Bros Coffee

Black Bottles
Causing coffee to look like something between a cooling cordial and a mysterious medicine bottle from an apothecary shelf makesmore sense than you might think.

Onyx CoffeeCrooked Nose Coffee stories

Black & gold? Check. Re-appropriated Art Element? Naturally. Instant take-me-home level of attention? You know it.

Forbidden Coffee

Guiding Lights
Bean boffins will tell you that coffee is a pretty complex entity. A fun, striking or unusual navigation system built into the overall design takes the stress out of choosing a coffee without detracting from the premium experience.

Dreux & Ghisallo CoffeeEthical Bean CoffeeMadcap Coffee company


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