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Marc Hermann is a professional news photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  After several years of casually dabbling in video and post-production, Hermann picked up a still camera in 1996, at the age of 14, and has been hooked ever since.  Having known his local precinct cops and firefighters in Brooklyn while growing up, Hermann was naturally drawn to breaking news coverage.  By subway, bus, taxi, or as fast as his legs could carry him, Hermann would go where the sirens and radios led, and in the spring of 1997, began contributing to his local weekly newspaper.  That summer, he received my first Working Press card from the New York City Police Department, and started submitting photos to "New York's Picture Newspaper," the Daily News. Hermann has been a staff photographer with the Corporate Communications department of MTA New York City Transit.

In a fascinating ‘Now & Then’ series, Hermann superimposes photographs from the Daily News Photo Archive onto present day photos, taking time to match the angle and framing of the original. The resulting 15-picture series provides a fascinating way to experience a city’s history, especially one as rich and well-documented as New York’s.


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 Hicks St. & Summit St., Brooklyn



Classon Ave. & Pacific St., Brokklyn



66 Court St., Brooklyn



497 Dean St., Brooklyn



Park Slope plane crash in New York City



Park Row, Manhattan



427 1/2 Hicks St. Brooklyn, N.Y.



Prospect Park in Brooklyn, N.Y.



Fulton Fish Market



923 44th St. in Brooklyn



31 Grand St, Brooklyn



Prospect Park West & 15th St, Brooklyn



By Janet Duane


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