Nice artwork? What about the call to action?


Too often at printed.com we see fabulous flyers, leaflets and stickers with killer design and spot-on messaging, but there's something missing  no call to action! To give your printed marketing materials a chance to work, it's so important to include a call to action (CTA). This needs to tell your audience what to do next, and how to do it, or all your efforts could be in vain.

In the information age, there's always something new to catch the eye, so while you have people's attention, be sure to ask them to act, and start engaging with your brand.

Simply giving customers and prospects information is never enough you need also to give them something to do with that information. Says Enterprise Nation editor, Simon Wicks. Ideally, this should be clear, quick, simple and have a very distinct benefit to them. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you don't conclude all of your marketing with a clear call to action for your audience, they'll just drift away and move on to the next thing. The purpose of a call to action is to ensure that the next thing' is still you. Marketing without a call to action is, frankly, pointless.”

At printed.com, we turn out lots of lovely logo stickers. These can carry a message brilliantly in contexts that add meaning, such as on packaging, or as giveaways at industry events. However, printing stickers with your company name, but no CTA, then randomly sticking them around town to build brand awareness' is likely to be a waste of your marketing budget. If you add a clear CTA, you can capitalize on the attention you have captured and start funneling some viewers down the path to becoming your customers.

On stickers, space for your CTA is likely to be in short supply, but with clever messaging and engaging imagery, you can pique people's interest and drive some to visit your Facebook page, maybe comment on your website, or even just find out more about your company.

Leaflets and flyers usually allow more space for effective CTAs. If these are destined for the letterboxes of people who have never met your brand before, it will be a tough call to create a CTA strong enough to move them to action. For a start, you will need the full package of arresting artwork, quality paper and superb print quality to prime potential customers for your irresistible CTA.

We've come up with five must-haves' for hard-working calls to action:

1) Well-placed and easy to read
Ensure your CTA is visible, even to someone who might just glance at the flyer.

2) Specific instructions on how to take action
Make it easy for the customer and tell them exactly what you want them to do, eg. Bring this coupon for a free starter'

3) Clear benefit to taking action
Try it now' is too vague  think more Like us on Facebook and get a free shot'

4) Worthwhile benefit to taking action
People probably won't be moved to visit an untried restaurant by the offer of a five per cent discount. Make it 15 per cent, and you could see some footfall.

5) Right benefit for your target market
Eg.at a cake-making conference, a free e-book on icing techniques will get more uptake than one on Italian cookery.

Finally, although getting the CTA right is not easy, don't be discouraged. Small to medium sized companies have never been in a better place to reach out and engage with customers thanks to the explosion in social and online media, along with the high quality and short runs offered by digital print. With strong artwork, clever copy and compelling calls to action, you can help build a strong customer base for your brand's future. Why not browse our leaflets & flyers <link>and stickers<link> to plan your next marketing push?


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