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Music and Musicians - An Inspiration Goldmine

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The Creativepool studiocrowd project that searches for artworks inspired by Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly and his eclectic new album, bloom, is no new concept. Artists have been inspired by music (and vice versa) for decades and from a marketing perspective, it is arguably the purest form of engagement, as the inspiration isn’t pre-empted or researched but an immediate and authentic response to the stimulus.

Here are some of our favourite examples of musician and music inspired artworks and commissioned works by creatives on Creativepool.

*Bowie by Erik Rutterford, Figurative Artist & Illustrator

*Concert, feeling the music, by Simon Keeling, retoucher for 5FM Radio

*Blondie by Ryan Hodge, Illustrator

*Illustration by Mark Juncker, Illustrator, for MOJO Magazine, Bauer Media

*Prince R.I.P by Gary Wing, Illustrator

*Kate Bush by Denis Zulian, Creative Artworker

*Shadows of Dylan by Selman Hosgor, Illustrator

*Vector Portrait, Rihanna, by Kevin Murphy, Senior Comms Exec

*Ramones Christmas Cards by Carlla De Moura, Graphic Designer & Artworker

*A quick sketch - Amy Winehouse by Aneta Fontner, Illustrator

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