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London’s first ever robotic bartender enters the Barbican

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London’s first ever robotic bartender will take up residence at the Barbican this summer as part of the venue’s AI: More than Human exhibition, running from 16 May-26 August 2019.

Toni will be installed on Level G offering a variety of classic cocktails and mocktails, including the ‘More than Human’ created especially for the event.

Modelled on the gestures of Italian dancer and choreographer Marco Pelle from New York Theatre Ballet, the robot is from Makr Shakr, Makr Shakr, the world’s leading producer of automated cocktail makers. Toni is the most advanced drink mixing technology on the market.

Launched in April 2019, it features two mechanical arms which can precisely prepare and serve any drink in seconds – shaking, stirring and muddling with coordinated, dance-like movements. It can skilfully manage more than 150 bottles of different spirits hanging from the ceiling of the bar structure to create an infinite number of combinations, serving up to 80 cocktails an hour.


“We hope the exhibition will inspire and encourage debate and discussion around these new innovations in science..."


Users can download Makr Shakr’s mobile app to either select premade recipes developed by international bartenders or create and name customised cocktails of their own.

AI: More than Human will present the latest creative and scientific developments in artificial intelligence, exploring the evolution of the relationship between humans and technology. Taking place across Central London, it will offer immersive art installations, interactive exhibits and digital projects to examine the subject from multiple global perspectives.

“AI has very quickly shifted from a technology that existed in the far future to something that has become an integral part of our daily lives,” said Neil McConnon, head of Barbican International Enterprises.

“We hope the exhibition will inspire and encourage debate and discussion around these new innovations in science and give a fresh perspective on the world in which we live. And now the conversations can continue beyond the exhibition… over drinks, served by a robot.”

Cocktails can be pre-ordered at a discounted price of £7.




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ad: Annual 2024 Now Open For Entries!