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Veezu, the leading private hire technology platform in the UK, recently announced its new rebrand delivered by Customer Experience Agency Initials CX. Initials CX was tasked with creating a whole new brand identity, including a new brand platform, brand guide and comms plan to provide Veezu with a clear purpose, thereby increasing awareness and loyalty in four key communities – Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Chippenham.

By establishing a differentiated and meaningful market positioning for the Veezu core brand, the overarching goal for Initials CX was to help increase bookings and app downloads. The agency was also tasked with improving the brand messaging to not only provide awareness of the functional ability of Veezu (offering rides to those in need of them), but also the emotional benefit of using a local company that invests in the community.

To learn more and go deeper behind the brand, we spoke to Josh Tilley, Strategy Director at Initials.

What was the brief for the rebrand?


Veezu came to us for help with the development of a new brand. Thanks to the acquisition of several different regional taxi/cab hire businesses, it needed to establish a differentiated and meaningful market positioning for its business, where these disparate brands could migrate under the ‘Veezu brand’.

The ask was therefore twofold – the development of a new brand, and the need to raise awareness of this while articulating Veezu’s clear and distinctive proposition. The regional migration campaigns needed to communicate that the existing local services, which local users were familiar with, would now be known as Veezu.

Describe the purpose of the brand and its target audience

At its simplest, Veezu is a taxi and ride service, but at the core of the brand sits something much richer. It’s about servicing local communities with local businesses, but with the technology and infrastructure that only a national business can provide.

Its target audiences are:

·       Riders - primary

·       Driver partners – primary

·       Business accounts

·       Investors

·       Employees

·       Acquired taxi companies which are merging into Veezu

·       Different geographical markets (Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham etc)

What was your thinking behind the rebranding solution?

There was a real balance to be sought between energy, dynamism and modernity, which the infrastructure of Veezu undoubtedly offers. Creative cut-through, in what’s inarguably a competitive category, was also important, whilst ensuring that we stayed true to the local roots which have made the businesses so successful and well-loved in the first place.

Did you learn anything new during the project?


Our rigorous approach to research uncovered a reliance, trust and appreciation of service from local taxi/private hire vehicles among audiences of all ages. These areas are too often overlooked and undervalued in the pursuit of the technology-fueled convenience of other ride-hailing services.

What was the biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?

There were two dynamics which challenged what we needed to do. The first was local attachment to the regional taxi brands. Many of these businesses were long established – people who first started using them to get home from nights out a decade or two now had children doing the same!

To be able to justify the loss of those brands and the introduction of a new brand, we had to be clear why the change was required. This focused on delivering a message of ‘the same great local service and drivers that you’re used to, powered by new technology and approach which makes your experience even better’!

The second dynamic was the influence of ride-hailing apps, which research showed us had de-personalised the experience of many riders. Rather than a driver who knew their way around, it was a driver you’d never met following a satnav – services become interchangeable and price-driven. We needed to assure people that Veezu wasn’t just another ride-hailing app.

What visual influences fuelled your solution?

We wanted to put a modern, dynamic spin on the traditional collage effect by giving each artwork we created for the campaign a ‘hyperlocal’ spin. We researched the local landmarks locals loved most and incorporated them into each unique visual. 

What do you hope it achieves for the brand?


Firstly, growing brand awareness. Starting from zero brand awareness is a huge challenge, but equally it’s an exciting opportunity to introduce a new type of taxi brand to the UK – one that really cares about the community and one that people can trust.

Secondly the seamless transition of existing customers from existing brands (such as V-Cars in the South West) to the new Veezu service. It’s important to make sure that Veezu is still nurturing the existing user and client relationships that have been built over the years.

Finally, we hope the initial launch campaign sets a solid foundation for future growth. Veezu has some exciting plans in place to roll-out the brand and launch campaign into new regions.


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