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From our 25th October Newsletter comes a grest selection of Creativepool freelancers.


Krishna Malla
Illustrator, Animation Artist, Creative Artworker

"I am a strong, motivated, creative director and illustrator who currently lives in Bournemouth."

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Jacqui Edwards
Creative Freelance Duo

"Providing high quality digital artwork and animation for online content, games, print and broadcast, we are a professional, dedicated and friendly team. We do everything from one-off graphics for small businesses, to supporting larger creative studios and developers with big projects when they need an extra pair of hands!"

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Thomas Knowler

"I have worked with Arts Admin, Contra, Vice, YCN, Blyk Mobile, the British Museum and Rokkit amongst others. My shorts have been screened internationally. I have been featured on renowned websites like Cartoon Brew and The Curious Brain. Please see my animations via my personal website, or Vimeo."

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Jes Hunt
Print Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

"I am currently undertaking a Masters in Illustration in London and working as freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator based in Brighton."

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Gergana Hristova
Illustrator, Designer, Animator

"I'm an energetic illustrator/designer/animator currently based in London"

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Aram Gimbot
Illustrator, Fashion Graphic Designer

"Young freelance designer based in Farringdon and inspired by fashions and music. Would like to work with like minded clients and fulfill their needs within the design sector."

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Jodie Cox

"By combining a background in printmaking with my keen interest in digital media I have developed a distinctive clean, graphic style."

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Troy Browne
Illustrator, Digital Illustrator

"My name is Troy Browne and am a freelance illustrator working out of Nottingham, UK. Inspirations that I draw from include music, film/cartoons & graphic novels."

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Neil Beech
Illustrator, Digital Illustrator

"I am a 14 years experienced graphic designer / illustrator for print, fashion garment design and apparel graphic design."

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Jason Fields
Illustrator, Digital Illustrator, Graphic Designer

"I am a well organized and hard-working creative with a proven ability to manage and complete projects to the highest standard, with an attention to detail and always within agreed deadlines!"

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Silvia Casali
Motion Graphics/Video Designer, Animator

"I'm currently working as a full time designer for the mtv network. I'm used to take a project from the brief to the final delivery. I normally do graphic animated packages and onscreen graphics for tv shows."

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David Anthony
Illustrator, Character Designer

"I'm a graphic illustrator and writer looking to work in ideas with creative people. I have an aptitude toward children's and editorial illustrations as well as packaging and logo design. I'm currently working as a freelance designer."

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