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Upon deciding that Brooklyn creative agency Labour were to be the first topic of my first Creativepool blog, you cannot begin to imagine how long I toyed with the idea of a political pun for the blog title. So long, in fact, that I was beginning to consider dropping this piece altogether rather than deciding.

Of course, this would have meant sacrificing the brilliant viral video still, but it would been worth it just to free myself from the pressure of paronomasia. But every time I forgot about the blog, this video would creep up on me and impress me once more, forcing me to bring it to your attention.

Taking their past work into account, and assessing the success of this video, Labour seem like a perfect match for perennial jokers We Are Scientists, who have kindly produced their own intro:

With the budget of a 30 Seconds To Mars clip, the raw fx firepower of James Cameron's Avatar, and the intensively rehearsed, flawless timing of an OKGO video, the new music vid from We Are Scientists proves once and for all that rules -- ahem -- truly do not stop these New York City dynamos.

"Rules Don't Stop" – We Are Scientists from Labour on Vimeo.

We Are Scientists - Rules Don't Stop from Labour on Vimeo.

There is a wider point here than just a terrific video though; has good effect production, like so many creative outlets, taken a circular path to the placement of retro enhancements to video? And, when Lady Gaga produces her next feature-length pop video, wouldn't everybody rather watch Keith from We Are Scientists turn into an old man?

Visit Labour's website here and We Are Scientists here.

By Tom Chant
Editor at


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