Focal Point: Getting text heavy with Andrei Robu

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Andrei Robu is a designer and artist who focuses on experimental typography. With over 15 years of experience as a brand designer, Robu has worked with many big names including Bloomberg, Nike Jordan, Wired, ESPN, The Golden Globes and Visa. His work has featured in worldwide exhibits and his internationally renowned blog, Typeverything, is THE go-to source for typography inspiration. Here’s his take on living the creative life.

So first off tell us about Typeverything. How did the platform came about, how did you get set up and how has it grown since your initial idea?

My blogging passion started in around 2005 when I published my first WordPress blog. In 2009 I discovered Tumblr and I created Designers Go To Heaven. I was posting a large amount of typography, and I decided this needed its own space, so Typeverything was born in February 2011. I knew blogging was very time consuming so I invited some designer friends to help me with it. Since then our blog has grown and grown thanks to the help of people like; Craig Ward, Dana Tanamachi, Darren Booth, Dan Cassaro, Dominic Le-Hair, Ged Palmer, Jeff Rogers, Jessica Walsh, Jeremy Pruitt, Maia Then, Ryan Feerer, Mary Kate McDevitt, Matt W. Moore, Neuarmy, Simon Ålander, Neil Summerour, Luke Lucas, Ryan Hamrick, Sawdust, Sean Freeman and Tom Lane.

With a team like ours, you can rest assured you will get the best content.


These days Typeverything is the go-to platform when searching out type inspiration. That must be a full time job in itself to manage?

Thank you. Yes, it does take a lot of my time but that’s why we have a team of editors. Designers browse for inspiration everyday, so why not share it?

Do you still get time to manage and embark on your own creative projects?

Yes, I run my own studio and we handle many different types of projects, from branding to packaging, to murals, illustration and visuals for clients, all around the world. I’ve heard freelance work is low for many people, but thankfully I can’t complain.

Painting is my main side project now. Another one was type design but I did it until I got bored - it really takes tremendous amounts of time to design a typeface.


What would you be doing if you weren't doing this?

Probably tattooing. I started my creative life with graffiti and tattooing.

Are there any designers on Typeverything we should be looking out for right now, or anyone you've been particularly inspired by?

I am inspired but all our posts. If you get featured on Typeverything it means your work is really good. So if you click on any featured designer you’ll discover a lot of interesting work.


Do you have a preferred medium either in your own work, or in Typography?

Pencil and paper. I try to paint daily but that’s more for me to fight my demons.

What's next for Typeverything, what do you have planned for the year ahead?

We've had lots of ideas over time. We were thinking about creating a printed magazine or even a book. We've just started a new WordPress blog for news and cool links. We’ll see...

The internet is changing very fast. We are yet to see what the after effects of Instagram are. It changed the way people consume information and people’s attention spans are very short now. Someone spends days creating an image and the payout is a few likes from people who don't matter so much. The people that do matter are overwhelmed with information. That’s why we need independent platforms like Typeverything - we make sure clients discover the right people.


If you could work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Exactly where I am now. In Barcelona. Anyone who knows me is well accustomed to my traveling and living all around the world. I’ve been living in Barcelona for a year now and I love it. It’s a jewel of a city, with incredible architecture gems, food, kind people and the sea. What more could you wish for?




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