Five degrees (or days) for communication over: 360 to 365

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Once upon a time there was a briefing with expectations, assets and a budget. The team met, brainstormed, scratched their heads , planned, created and finally the child was born. The presentation to the client was good - the powerpoint presentation was beautiful - everything was put into practice and the business goal was reached. In the middle, gaps. The end was there, delivered with praise, but what about the middle? It is time to change that.

The aforementioned scenario is not from the last century. Nor is it a lack of knowledge and much less of professionalism. The market is like that, thinking ahead, thirsty for the new. Restless mind, coded dialogue, technology solving every need. The summary is: technology is the means - indispensable means and revolutionary, but not the end itself. It is a cornerstone. A facilitator. One way of bringing people together in a different way and expand the experiences. Reflect about that.

Now, there's something for a time was set aside. It was there, in addition to and not main course. I present to you, my dear, good old-fashioned creativity. The combination of well thought out ideas. And the creativity does not have to be isolated, do not have to be stuck only in the creation of team meetings. There is a thought - dead wrong - that it is possible to give birth to a good digital campaign using only tools of the modern world. The defense here is: the human factor remains the big idea of any planning. As a professional market, I see no difference between a writer and a programmer. Either with words or codes, the business is to solve the problem.

We then arrive at the 'team' issue. The advertising agency format, digital in this case, need not be ridig. Quite the contrary. It's time to defend the different, the new. Before, a pair used to work. Today, the ideal is a trio: ART + COPY + TECH. Each one in his fuction - Copy writing, the art that creates the art and the Tech, who thinks of codes, turning them into powerful ideas or vice versa. All this with the public that we need to reach in our mines, how to talk to this consumer and how to bring him closer. From this, we went to a new concept:

360 X 365

Assuming we need to have an idea according to the consumer's behavior, I come to a simple conclusion: to be effective, you must be near. More than near, you must be together. The behavior is everywhere. It is when they dine at home with the family, when they have meetings, when they sit at the bar with friends, when they eat out with their significant others, when they arrange a holiday trip, post on Facebook. We need ideas according to the behavior of this person, that is everywhere.

For that, the conclusion is that this 360 degree comunication, which has long been the latest sensation in the market, gives rise to a new guideline: 365...days communication. That's it, to be close, you need to follow, read the body and the spirit of the subject, sit together, sit beside them when they go to the movies. Exaggerations aside, what I mean is not just another integrated communication, full service, round. It takes more. You have to deeply understand what the guy wants - sometimes not even he knows and that's why we're here - we have to be with then 365 days, 52 weeks, 8766 hours. The public's behavior is the key to successful communication.

The full service kindly gives its place to the full journey, a format that presents the complete platform instead of the campaign, the internet of things rather than the pure and simple internet and so on.

This only shows that this is a moment of evolution, not revolution in advertising. It ceases to be an online communication for an offline activation. The 'comunication to activation' is born. No secret and, as I said, no revolution. You think of the person as the center of action. Brands are demanding relevant interaction and therefore every touch point is an opportunity. That is, it is not about technology and new channels, it is about people and a new society that is being shaped.

Finally, some concluding points: the important thing is the idea, not the medium; technology for technology is nothing; technology's mission is to expand the experience; each point of contact is important in the consumer's journey and social media is just a detail. To survive we must find a way to effectively become part of people's lives, not only through the smartphone's screen.


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