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Sexual wellness brand Durex, launched its decidedly cheeky #FitMatters campaign last year to educate people on the importance of using a correctly fitting condom.

The campaign, created by VaynerMedia EMEA, was released after Durex’s own research found that 46% of consumers were not confident about buying the right condom.

Driving the campaign was influencer activity, primarily across TikTok and Instagram, with celebrity partners for the campaign including health expert Dr. Emeka Okorocha and former England rugby star Joe Marler.

To learn more, we spoke to Natalia Kasnakidis, Group Account Director at Vaynermedia EMEA

What was the brief?

For Durex, the challenge is an old one: people see condoms as a barrier to pleasure.

However, not only that, but Durex's research found that 46% of consumers are not confident about buying the right condom. Most people aren’t aware that different fits are available and don’t understand the difference that buying the right fitting condom can make – let alone how to choose the right one.

When it comes to pleasure, a focus on size has long dominated the conversation and the stigmas surrounding this distract from what really matters: Fit.

Our brief was to change the category conversation, driving awareness of condom fit as an enabler of pleasure – so that more people feel empowered to take charge of their sexual experience, by buying the right-fitting condom.

How did the initial pitch/brainstorming phase go?


Our audience are an open-minded, diverse and sex-positive group looking for products that help them feel confident to experiment and explore their sexuality.

We knew a traditional, top-down approach wasn’t going to resonate – we needed to collaborate with them and find ways to make this conversation accessible, relevant and engaging.

So we looked for ways to normalise conversations about condoms and shift the focus from stigmatising language around size, to a more inclusive focus on fit and how finding it can unlock new pleasures.

What was the process behind ideating the concept?

We knew we needed to find ways for our audience to share their experiences and educate themselves as a community – so we saw an opportunity to tap into existing TikTok/IG communities and behaviours.

We designed the campaign as a two-phase approach:

Phase 1: Give the mic to our audience

By curating a powerful set of TikTok and IG influencers, representative of our diverse audience. We invited them to explore their fit with Durex’s range and share their perspective with their community in their own, authentic way.

Phase 2: Let Durex join the conversation

We used our dynamic, always-on social engine to produce content in real-time that was informed by audience responses and commentary on the influencers’ content – amplifying their ‘Fit Matters’ message through Durex’s TikTok platform and other channels, such as OOH and BVOD.

What was the production process like?


For phase one of the campaign, we worked closely with talent reflecting the diverse spectrum of our audience, from couples to comedians. By building close relationships with the talent and giving them the freedom to create in their own, authentic style, we were able to produce original content together that was unique, relatable and entertaining.

For phase 2, our objective was to amplify these voices by bringing the influencer content into above-the-line channels and reinforcing the link to Durex. We worked closely with the Durex brand team to produce creative for these more traditional formats that retained the authenticity of the original content, whilst still driving recognition through brand guidelines.

What was the biggest challenge during production? How did you overcome it?

Given the nature of the category, we were challenged throughout creative development and production by the strict parameters on what we were allowed to express in both social and OOH channels. This was particularly an issue in relation to pleasure, which is the key benefit behind finding your fit.

We had to explore many different ways to communicate this message and worked very closely with our partners at the social platforms – running every idea, proposal and asset by them to minimise the risk of creative being rejected once supplied.

What is one funny or notable thing that happened during production?


As part of the wider campaign, Durex’s PR team hosted an event to drive conversation around the concept of fit and we were encouraged to capture footage for social. The event featured a bespoke ‘Glory Wall’ installation, designed to illustrate diversity of shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, given platform restrictions there was no way to show it on social media! Instead, our creative team came up with a brilliant workaround, creating a reel of real-life reactions to the wall without ever showing it – driving curiosity and humour.

What’s the main message of this project and why does it matter?

The main message is: your choice of condom fit matters and finding your fit can bring you more pleasure.

It matters because it understanding this can give people more control over their sexual experience, yet it’s a conversation we as a society just aren’t having.

Condoms are not seen as a sexy purchase. People spend an average of 8 seconds in an aisle choosing one of the most intimate products someone can buy, and one that has a big impact on their experience.

There is also colossal inertia and reluctance to try out new condoms, so we end up with a consumer base that may spend years wearing a poor fitting condom, or choosing not to wear one at all – and not realising that another fit could make all the difference.

How long did it take from inception to delivery?

4 months! We were briefed in February and went live in July.

What do you hope it achieves for the brand?


For Durex, this is just the start of a multi-year ambition to get people talking and thinking about fit in relation to sexual pleasure.

We hope the campaign helps people realise that, when it comes to choosing condoms, fit matters and that it empowers them to find theirs, as a way to unlock new pleasures.


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The Secret to Good Sex - Fit Matters


VaynerMedia EMEA

Client name

Charlotte McCrudden

Client job title

Senior Brand Manager – Durex Equity UK

Creative teams

Becky Cartey, Judith Gruntjes, Rob de Souza, Archie Challen

Planner/CSU Director

Maharaj Varatharajah, Karen Ftouni


Steffan Morgan

Post Producer

John Rogers


Paul Chamberlain and David Mowbray

Motion Graphics

Carlos Roncoletta

Media agency


Production company

VaynerMedia EMEA

Additional credits:

Lucy Clark – Associate Creative Director

Natalia Kasnakidis – Group Account Director

James Macrae – Senior Account Manager

Hannah Colling – Senior Project Manager

Sofia Mogliazzi - Senior Talent Manager


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