Famous faces redesigned using illustrator and photoshop.

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The famous face is one that is not only highly recognisable, but also one that lends itself to many different forms of art. The world is obsessed with famous people and  it's these faces that allow for a plethora of art to be created. Some have been recreated in forms such as image retouching, while others have been built using methods such as geometry and vectors

Here we have found a few of our designers that do just that, recreate the famous faces of current and past in unique and asthetically pleasing ways.


David Merrell

David is one for the famous face! He has a few examples in this post, all in different and similar styles. We are a big fan of his. This one is of Carrie Mathison from Homeland. (Claire Danes)

Don Draper
Harvey Dormer

Harvey has also illustrated different famous faces in his portfolio. This one being of Don Draper from Mad Men. Harvey is a new designer and it is amazing to see just how talented this young guy is!


Derren Brown
Clare Bishop

Claire is a pro when it comes to photo manipulation and her profile shows us so. This channel 4 advertsing for Derren's new series shows us what skills she has! Have a look at her other designs.


Liam Gallagher
Joseph Buckley

Joseph's graphic design and illustrations are so different from each other, showing us what versatile skills he has. This illustration of Liam Gallagher is so simple, yet so visually appealing.


Amy Winehouse
David Merrell

Another one of David's talented designs. This image is one of many from his project's that use geometry to design famous people's faces. This one of Amy Winehouse is a personal favourite. Do have a look at his other designs.


Homer Simpson
Mario Veltri

This may not be a real human, but it is still a famous face. We automatically recognise who it is without being bright yellow. Homer has been in our lives for 24 years, and this unique design is a great portrayal of the character we know and love.


John Lennon
Komson Yamshuen

Komson's illustrations are fun, unique and quirky and this design of John Lennon is no different. His use of line art and negative space is a perfect example of how the brain can depict who it is without a specific drawn face.


Zoe Saldana
Leonidas Ampatzopoulos

Leonidas is a genius with his digital realism. These images are executed perfectly and show just how mind blowing editing software is. Not to mention how talented the designer is.


Samantha Peatier

The effects of Tabasco. The poor queen seemed to have struggled with her hit of the sauce right before a photo shoot. Check out Samantha's other famous faces that can't handle the heat.


Miranda Kerr
Leonidas Ampatzopoulos

Another amazing digital realism design by Leonidas. I love Miranda Kerr already, but she is equally as stunning in this piece.


Jaws - Brody
David Merrell

Lastly, David's example of Brody from Jaws is a fun take on the character made famous by Roy Scheider. A simple yet effective design that again shows just how talented our Creativepool members are!


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