Danny Dyer embodies the quintessential football fan #BehindTheIdea

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Paddy Power and actor Danny Dyer have teamed up to celebrate England as 'Europe's favourites' to win Euro 2024 in a new campaign by BBH London. In a playful nod to England's unique post-Brexit position, the campaign features Dyer, embodying a quintessential English football fan, rallying support for the team.

The ad humorously showcases various European perspectives on England's perceived modesty, cultural adaptability, and sporting fashion. Cameos include ex-England International Peter Crouch and the 'Four Lads in Jeans' meme stars.

To learn more, we spoke to Luke Till & Lawrence Bushell, Associate Creative Directors on Paddy Power @BBH.

What was the brief?

The wider brief was in no uncertain terms to win the Euros. Not just amongst other betting brands but to go toe to toe with the Nikes of this world. So ambitious to say the least.

How did the initial pitch/brainstorming phase go?


As always with big projects like this the initial ideas aren’t always where you end up and that was certainly true of this project but we had some great work on the table from the off but the goal is to always keep pushing.

Can you describe the creative spark or inspiration behind the initial concept? Was there a specific moment or insight that ignited the idea?

It was just a conversation between 3 of us. Kevin Masters(mind) was the one who noticed the irony in the fact we’re favourites to win the tournament but not Europe's favourite neighbours. And it was this bit of magic that unlocked everything. Bravo Kevin!

What was the production process like?

It was full on, but thankfully we had a great production partner and director in Andrew Gaynord. We’d built a relationship with them over the last 3 Paddy Power projects so having that shorthand and trust was invaluable.

What was the biggest challenge during production? How did you overcome it?


We had a few challenges along the way. Location changes, script changes but special shout out to Andrew, Hera and Charlie from Mindseye for rolling with it. And looking at the final outcome you’d never know so that’s testament to them.

What kit/tools/software were used to create the project?

One for the post house and our director but thankfully we didn’t have too much heavy post work post shoot. 

What is one funny or notable thing that happened during production?

When you have Danny Dyer, Peter Crouch and the 4 lads on jeans there’s an endless amount of funnies. But one surreal moment for me (Luke) was whenever I looked round at the lads they were always standing in their iconic position just like Ant and Dec.  Even when they weren’t on set.

What’s the main message of this project and why does it matter?

For us, the ad was always a tongue in cheek way of laughing at ourselves and how Europe sees us. But for all our faults we’re pretty good at self deprecating humour - God love us. As for matter… It’s football at the end of the day, we’re not curing cancer.

How long did it take from inception to delivery?


6 weeks. No exaggeration. Paddy Power is a brand that wants to be topical and on the pulse so tight timings are just part of the gig.

How did you ensure that the concept aligned with the brand's values, goals, and target audience?

We’re the target audience so often we just ask ourselves if we like it, our mates will, and so will the public. But with anything Paddy Power it’s important we’re on the ball, on the side of fans and always say something no one else would dare say.

Were there any alternative concepts or ideas considered during the ideation phase? If so, what led to the selection of the final concept?

There were loads. And some really great ones we’d still have been happy to make.  However this felt like the one to beat. This might surprise a few people but we always research ideas on PP. And it definitely played a part in the final selection process.

Can you discuss any collaborative or interdisciplinary aspects of the ideation process, such as working with other departments or external partners?

Collaboration is key for us. Whether that’s with client teams, creative teams or the director. Like we said we’ve developed a bit of a shorthand with Andrew and we love kicking ideas, lines, and even edit suggestions around with him.

How did you ensure that the concept remained innovative and stood out in a crowded marketplace?


Trust the insight. Trust the jokes. Trust the team. PP has a unique tone of voice in a crowded marketplace so we knew if we leaned into that, said what no one else would, we’d be onto a winner. And it seems to be going down well and making everyone smile.

What do you hope it achieves for the brand?

We hope people watch it with a fondness and affection for what we’re trying to do, which is ultimately to make people laugh and get them excited for the Euros. And keep Paddy Power as everyone’s favourite bookie.

Credit list for the work?

Campaign title: Europe’s Favourites

Client: Paddy Power

Managing Director of Marketing: Michelle Spillane

Head of Marketing: Tom Muldowney

Head of Brand: Leah Spears

Senior Marketing Manager: Dan Oates

Senior Brand Manager: Jonny Roberts

Head of Film & Motion: Marcus Richardson

Public Relations Manager: Rachael Kane

Advertising agency: BBH

CEO: Karen Martin

CCO:  Alex Grieve

ECD: Helen Rhodes

CSO: Simon Gregory

Associate Creative Directors: Luke Till & Lawrence Bushell

Creative Directors: Kevin Masters & Christine Turner

Creatives: Marlon Rees & Aishah Siddique

Planner/s: Oscar Mason & Hugh Kupfer

Managing Partner: Bobbie Gannon

Account director: Atalanta Purce

Account Executive: Katie Headley

Agency film producer:  Alen Grebovic

Agency assistant film producer: Ted MacDonnell

Media agency: Essence Mediacom

Production company: Mindseye         

Director: Andrew Gaynord

DOP: Benedict Spence

Executive Producer: Charlie Phillips

Producer: Hera King

Editor/s: Shift Post, Adam Buckmaster

Post-production company: ELMNTL

Post-production producer: Alasdair Patrick

2D lead artist: Martin Waller

Grade: ETC

Colourist: Luke Morrison

Sound studio: Sting and Tins

Sound engineer: Adam Smyth

Music composer: Guy Farley

Music supervisor: Hywel Ewans, Black Sheep Music

Music company: Guy Farley

Talent negotiations: The Bourne Consultancy


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