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Creativity is associated with the arts. We think of designers or architects and presume that they’re creatively blessed. But the teachers, nurses, chefs and lawyers? Nah.

It’s a perceived wisdom emphasised by education — take the ‘academic’ route or the ‘creative’ road. And don’t expect many bridges in between.

That doesn’t sit well with us. We believe that creativity is something we’re all born with. A resource that every one of us has access to. We believe that it’s a critical part of what it means to be human.

The only problem is, not everyone understands how to use it.

We live in a society defined by structure, governance, control and regulation. We’re taught to think and work a certain way. But when the rules are reactive and the rule makers disengaged, we can’t fully realise our creative potential.

We have a vision: to democratise creativity in business. To spark that creative superpower that exists within us all.



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