CP Loves...Nemesis Pictures


by Jessica Hazel.

Singapore is home to Nemesis Pictures, a commercial photography studio founded by established photographer Jeremy Wong. He is the brains behind the pug loaf, an amazingly strong and memorable image which has found it's way onto Tumblr feeds, Facebook walls and Pininterest boards far and worldwide since it was born out of an ad brief to raise awareness surrounding food hygiene.

The pug loaf was accompanied by a cupcake hamster and cat croissant as part of a campaign for Lifebuoy hand wash. No animals were harmed during the making of these images but it does make you pause and think who or what you might have been touching before making your sandwich.






Nemesis Picures was founded in 2007, houses a strong team of creative photographers and prides itself in taking a fun and witty approach when fulfilling it's client's briefs. Here are a few of their other striking visual feats...

Moz Away Insect Repellent

Anlene Calcium Milk

Play-Doh - Ingenious but not without a dark undertone.

3M Lint Rollers - another example of Jeremy Wong doing squashed animals very well.

Actal - Feel Stuffed No More

3M Post-It Flags - Find Your Way

Febreze Bubbles Pet Odor Eliminator - Stop The Spread. Doing stretchy animals pretty well too.


Aware - No Child Should Have To Live With A Monster.

Jessica Hazel is a writer, blogger and director of Smoking Gun Vintage.


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