CP Loves... The Olympics in LEGO


by Jessica Hazel.

Those of us who have preferred to partake in the Olympics by snuggling down into our armchairs in front of the telly with a pile of nachos might appreciate these Olympic standard feats of LEGO making which have really taken off ever since Warren Elsmore was commissioned by LEGO to build a replica of the Olympic Park just three weeks before the games began.

Warren Elsmore somehow managed to cram 300 hours of building into 3 weeks, assembling over 250,000 blocks (most of which are the tiny 1x1 size) into these amazing models of the Olympic sites.
The models were on display throughout the games, with many corporate bigwigs and important visitors coming to marvel at them.





During the Olympics, Caroline and Nick Savage decided to start making LEGO "Minifigs" of all the Team GB gold medal winners, a diversion from their usual focus of making Roller Derby players.

A torrent of media attention has meant that Savage Steel Minifigs have been inundated with orders. £10-£15 will buy you a model of your favourite gold medallist, if you want them to make you someone who has not been created yet, they will happily do so, at a price of course.

Jessica Hazel is a writer, blogger and director of Smoking Gun Vintage.


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