CP Loves... Letman


by Jessica Hazel


Letman, aka Job Wouters is a Dutch-born illustrator and graphic designer who confesses
he is "cuckoo about letters".

Mostly painstakingly hand drawn or painted, Letman's letters
are transparent, imperfect and say things far beyond the words they spell out.

He is a well-loved designer who is known as one of the most innovative contemporary
typographers working today.

He has recently teamed up with Gestalten to compile all of his work into one big book,
from miniscule floor murals to enormous wall paintings, it's all in there.

The reckless abandon applied to his hand lettering and typography is revealed throughout the book.

One of his biggest projects was the fabric designs he co-created for Dries van Noten along with painter Gijis Frieling.

In addition to designing the prints for the fabric, he was also enlisted with painting the 50x3m catwalk!

He has been inspired by Gijis Frieling throughout his career and has already compiled another book with him, consisting of beautifully hand-crafted letters in Gouache.






Below is a piece entitled 'Capital A in 21 Strokes', perfectly illustrating the genius of Letman's mind.

















Letman has also worked for the likes of Audi, Heineken, Creative Review, Kaiser Chiefs and Just Jack.