CP Loves... Jonathan Gabb: 3D painter


by Jessica Hazel.


Jonathan Gabb is a South-London based artist who has just opened a new show today showcasing his rather uncanny knack for creating the worlds first 3D paintings.


Made from PVA glue and acrylic paint, these fragile constructions look tangibly edible. There is also a broad palette of influences behind Gabb's work from Rococo architecture to Art Nouveau, Damien Hirst and Wayne Thiebaud.


The show is called 'System' and opens today at the WW Gallery in London. It's the product of a three-month residency which was part of the SOLO Award which Gabb won. The brief was to create a site-specific work for the gallery space.


He says, "I want to stretch the material value of paint in a 3D form in a way which transforms it into something else - the paint is freed from a fixed surface and can be viewed as an object. Audiences have a greater understanding about art now and I want to show something that not only has a lot of thought put into it, but which is also enjoyable to look at. I think there is something very authoritative about the traditional method of painting, and I think that ties in with people's expectations. With these works people engage with the material nature of the medium, more than the colour, in a way in which they usually wouldn't with traditional painting."



In a world where technology can do 3D for itself, it's nice to find a handmade and more human artistic response to being able to literally submerge oneself in a moment. The works recall giant weaving looms, ribbons on May poles or printer ink cradles.


'System' runs until February 2nd 2013.

Jessica Hazel is a writer, blogger and director of Smoking Gun Vintage.


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