CP Loves... "Fuzzy" Jacopo Rosati


by Jessica Hazel.

Sometimes life in England can be a bit depressing - particularly in the winter when you have to try and remain cheerful despite the torrents of freezing rain, commuting in the dark on overcrowded, germ-ridden trains and screaming toddlers in shopping centres etc. etc. This may serve to only depress you further but there is a man who goes by the name of Jacopo Rosati who spends his days in sunny, beautiful Venice, creating the most charming of colourful characters out of fuzzy felt for a living. Cast your eyes over these beauties...
 'Pleasing' does not even come close.


I had forgotten all about Fuzzy Felt until I stumbled across these masterpieces. I do believe I might still have my Fuzzy Felt Farm kit burried deep in a cupboard at my parents house - I remember some the pieces got lost or fluffy as time went on but there was always something tactile and comforting about the bold colours and sharp shapes. Jacopo Rosati has captured this beautifully in his works. 


Felt is not a material used very often in the world of illustration, it is mostly confined to country craft fairs and hippy conventions but perhaps we have been overlooking this colourful woolly wonder...


Jacopo prides himself on creating "small and loveable characters".


My particular favourite is this x-ray themed collage...




If this doesnt get you running to the local craft shop after work then I don't know what will. Take a leaf out of Jacopo's book and indulge in a little colour and childlike playfulness to get you through the dreary winter.

Jessica Hazel is a writer, blogger and director of Smoking Gun Vintage.


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