Cool Character and Musician Costume Illustrations

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Frederico Birchal is a Brazilian illustrator that has a love for creating designs that are simple but very effective. These collections of Musicians, Movies and TV shows with only their costumes is a clever insight to how we can recognise who or what they are simply from what they wear! 

He says (translated from Portuguese) "I like everything that is creative, from the simplest forms of Futurism of the 60s, the most complex and detailed works of the Renaissance. Somewhat convinced my ideas, I believe that good design can change the course."

See his work below and on his website.

2 and a half men

Big Bang Theory

Back to the Future


Flight Club

Gangs of New York


Pulp Fiction



Clockwork Orange



Daft Punk

Elton John


Freddy Mercury

Michael Jackson

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad 2

Breaking Bad 3





By Janet Duane


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