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In times full of powerful stimuli that come from a multiplicity of channels, there is a need to think, to be, to live and to create outside the box in order to communicate honestly. A 360° perspective is no longer enough. It might seem contradictory, but 360° is limiting in today’s world. We need to go farther because that is where everything happens—in the place that sometimes seems so distant. In the neighborhood setting, at conferences, art exhibits, during pleasant conversations over a cup of coffee or at a musical performance—that is where everything takes off, where the essence of creation surfaces with total honesty.

It is in such spaces where creation is born, takes off and is circulated, but where does it all converge? It converges through an endless number of channels, channels we now have at our fingertips thanks to the convenience of devices such as smartphones. Today we need devices like these, as we need to be able to instantly access everything that appears to be essential to our lives; we’ve become accustomed to having a whole office, all our contacts, photos, activities, music and entertainment right in our pockets. In times when our whole life converges in a single device, convergence becomes vital and absolutely necessary, a protagonist of our daily existence.

Creativity, entrepreneurship and communication in general all have a starting point, which can be a business meeting, a gathering of entrepreneurs, an art gallery, an advertising agency or even a stand-up performance. Today the offering from this starting point is diverse, with an infinite number of supports and variations, all coexisting like separate universes. It is highly unlikely that a gathering of entrepreneurs or a creative agency is going to coexist within a music venue and it is precisely here that support is lacking, and where a point of convergence is absolutely necessary. This is a place where everything starts, a place designed for creation, a platform for anyone who needs this space. Like a smartphone, a device where everything converges, such a space is available for different expressions and areas of creation; it provides the right conditions to enhance creativity, entrepreneurship and good ideas. What if we make convergence a place? What if we make the concept ours and transform it into a space? There is only one answer, and it does not allow for questions: Yes, let's do it!

Today the physical transformation of this concept is absolutely necessary, particularly when a good idea deserves and requires a space to develop. A conference, exhibit art, a startup, coexist with and nourish the creative agency. An ideal environment, it is a co-working space that is comfortable. We have the duty to make this space a reality, to make convergence a physical place and open to fine ideas.

We have a mission to set up an agency where convergence plays a leading role. We need Converagency now, a place where everything can take off. Converagency is the device of our time. Although a creative agency has a 360° domain in terms of creative communication, it needs to be where everything emerges—not just where a project begins, but where an idea, art, music, a talk, a startup, a co-working space all commence.

We don’t just want to communicate what is being done, we must also create and be part of the whole creative process, as creators and facilitators of this space where everything converges. Converagency is more than just an agency; it is a whole. Whatever your interest, you belong. You can think, enjoy, advertise, create art, listen, read, get underway, where everything happens, where communicators and the public coexist in the same space. It is an agency that opens up a space that can adapt to our times, where it is not necessary to go from one place to another to find what you seek.

From the speech at the conference, to the relaxing café and the work space of your startup, you never need to leave the premises. It is a space full of life. Converagency did not arise on its own; it arose from the need to respond effectively to the progress of our times, we have everything at our fingertips. Converagency * is a space fashioned to create.

* The concept of Converagency is the author’s intellectual property.


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