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Angela Kohler


"When I was small I wanted to be a ballerina, or a painter, or a magician, or a trapeze artist. Now I am a photographer, which is kind of like being all of those things, only you get to fly more and don't have to worry as much about your figure." - Angela Kohler

Angela Kohler is a Los Angeles-based photographer who has mostly been creating beautiful editorial shots of beautiful models and actresses for the past eight years. She has managed to build up an impressive array of clients during her career, from corporate giants such as Microsoft, Amazon and Lexus to American fashion glossies such as SOMA Magazine, Hamptons Magazine and Hollywood Life Magazine.

Her pictures manage to simultaneously capture a natural and yet fantastical beauty. Recurring themes throughout her work include Alice In Wonderland, circuses, clowns and vast, dramatic backgrounds. She is an artist who knows no boundaries in terms of ideas and ambitions for any one given shot.

During the past few years, Kohler has taken up stop-frame animation as an extension to her photography. She won the Your Amazon Ad Contest back in 2009 with her first film; Kindlicious, a 30 second advert for Amazon Kindle which consists of 300 frames which took over 7 hours to piece together. It captures the dream-like essence of Kohlers work and manages to combine child-like humour with slightly sinister undertones.

Hellmans soon enrolled Kohler to direct and shoot this rather charming stop-frame advert for their mayonnaise. Simple and cute, there can be no doubt that this met their brief.

Kohler was also summoned by the band A Fine Frenzy for whom she created this rather beautiful animation for their song Sleepwalking. The film depicts a girl who falls through a hole made of paper and finds herself in a strange wonderland in which she decides to remain.

Kohler is a great example of the sheer limitless potential of photography. All you need to add is a little imagination and childlike abandon.

Visit Kohler's website here

By Jessica Hazel - [email protected]


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