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A nostalgic review of Christmas advertising

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To coincide with everyone's 2017 Chrimbo advert reviews, we asked Philip James, our Creative Director to do a round up of the Best Christmas Adverts ever..... not just this year!

'Though I am a sucker for a new technology, new cinematic quality and new ways of developing ideas, I do love a good old retro film and for me nothing quite sums up Christmas (apart from a few mulled ciders and the kids faces when they open their presents) quite like the good Old Coca Cola advert - this brings back such nostalgic memories.

Next up - looking back at more recent years work, this Sainsburies advert is such a beautifully shot piece, as well as such a historic message.


Print based advertising

I’m actually a cider drinker, but I’ve always loved Guinness advertising, and especially these old illustrations - so retro. I love how they are still so simple and good now. Strong Brands like Guiness bring back such wonderful memories for all ages, from the recent white horse adverts to these classic vintage posters.


Finally looking back at an old film we dust off and bring out the archives each year, which still has such great Christmas meaning, Bring One Back. Created by Shadowplay, storyboarded by myself and also featuring me.... with a 'dusting' of more hair! 

We wish you all a wonderful festive period from the whole team at Shadowplay.


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