2021 Photography Trends that will blow (out) your mind

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Poor photographers. Them and video makers were possibly among the most hit creatives in 2020, forced to stay indoors and having to live with loads of unpleasant consequences of this social-distancing situation.

But we know creatives, don’t we? And photographers weren’t too quick to lose hope, finding instead some new and quirky ways to practice their craft and business.

Top Photography Trends for 2021

Some interesting photography trends have developed last year as a result, among all those toy cars moving around and a constant research of new perspectives. And we’re sure to see some of them transferred into the new year.

What are the photography trends that will dominate in 2021?


Image credit: Richard Wadey


I’ve already talked extensively about authenticity in all of our 2021 trends pieces, but it is something that is set to dominate throughout the year and it is undoubtedly going to be present in photography as well.

There will be a newfound focus on humanity and intimacy, as people will look for a more authentic and honest feel. After a year like 2020, in which some of us may have lost even more than their jobs, 2021 will be a chance to reflect on the year past, showing us all the most human side of society in such difficult times.


Image credit: Jonathan Knowles


There is, of course, no authenticity without diversity. The Black Lives Mattermovements have pushed a number of brands to act and take a proper social stand last year, and we can expect that this push for inclusion and diversity will be even stronger in 2021, as the world eagerly prepares to watch a new US presidency unfold.

There will be an aim to portray community and togetherness, capturing the most loving and caring sides of all humanity.


Image credit: The Masons


Surely all this authenticity and honesty can’t work without a bit of gritty realism to surround them all. Photographers in 2021 will be looking for all new ways to capture emotions and portray the moment, possibly with new formats, FOVs and more.

This may also be the year that sees a comprehensive return of black & white, which we know is certain to make at least one photographer happy.


Image credit: Mark Benham

New Perspectives

The pandemic and social distancing have forced many photographers to rethink the way they work. From aerial photography to new patterns and unconventional angles, 2021 is sure to be quite interesting for the most creative photographers out there.

And in this case, I can’t help but mention the stunning work that Stephen Berry has been doing for the past year or so. As he found himself in lockdown, Stephen started to recreate famous movie scenes with toys and products from around his house, often reaching truly unbelievable results.


Image credit: Stephen Berry

Bright Colours

But enough with this new realism, black & white and moody photography. Why can’t 2021 be a bit positive too? Matter of fact, I think it will be. Some of the Colour Trends for 2021 predict an explosion of colour later in the year, with some bright/warm tones dominating across the board.

2021 will be the year of hope, optimism and life too. It will be the year when we hopefully start easing back into a new normal, which will be reflected in photography by saturated pictures, colourful scenarios and just an overall explosion of life all over. The amazing Luciano Koenig below has been doing that for years – hopefully this will be the year in which he starts a trend we all can’t wait to see around the industry.


Image credit: Luciano Koenig

Header image: Luciano Koenig


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