101 Color Combinations to Inspire Your Next Design

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Color is one of the most critical aspects of a design. In this roundup, we compiled 101 brand new color combinations to inspire your next project.
Color sets the tone of any visual, engaging viewers while shaping their perceptions. Whether monochromatic, bright, cool, warm, or complementary, all shades play a role in design.
Finding the right colors for your design can be daunting. That’s why we created 101 color combinations for you to use. Each palette is inspired by Shutterstock images and comes with a set of hex codes so you can use them in your website design, social media ads, direct mailers – maybe even your kitchen remodel! Look out for the palettes already available in Shutterstock Editor, where you can start designing with them right away in a pre-made template.
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Monochromatic color palettes are made up of a single base hue, then extended with that hue’s shades, tints, and tones. By adding black, white, or grey to a color, you can create a consistent color palette that’s versatile and easy on the eyes.


01. Comfy & Neutral
Image via Philipp Shuruev.
02. Mellow Agate
Image via Gluiki.
This agate crystal, inspired by our Natural Luxury trend, is derived from shades of yellow to give a bright sunshine tone. Use this complete palette to instantly grab the viewer’s attention, or select a single yellow hue to add contrast in your designs.
03. Misty Greens
Image via FlashMovie
04. Subdued Succulent
Image via Patiwat Sariya.
Cacti and succulents are a force of nature and remain a major trend. The popularity of these desert plants is on the rise and will continue to be seen throughout the creative realm. With their calming and fun blue or green hues, they act as perfect color inspiration for your next project.
05. Western Wear
06. Emerald Garden
Image via Rattiya Lamrod.
This beautiful ebook template is fully customizable in Shutterstock Editor and is perfect for a nature-themed design.
07. Rosy Reds
08. Pink Powders
Image via Plateresca.
09. Electric Purples
Image via MaxFrost.
Neon lights coupled with vibrant hues, coined New Minimalism, continue on the rise as a major trend. Amp up your designs with pops of concentrated color to entice your viewers.
Cool Hues
Cooler colors consist of blues, greens, and purples, giving off tranquil and soothing vibes. By integrating these colors into your designs, you can achieve trustworthiness and calmness. These colors pair well with warmer hues to provide contrast.
10. Turkish Coffee
Image via Nella.
11. Color Whirl
Image via Zaksheuskaya
12. Grunge Graffiti
Image via TWStock
13. Celestial Green
Image via Space creator
Celestial craters and other galactic beauties are continuing to rise as a dominating trend. Grab inspiration from these dazzling space oddities for a truly out of this world design.
14. Cork Crowd
Image via Karpenkov Denis.
15. Snakeskin & Scales
Image via IS Studio


16. Blooming Blossoms
Image via schankz.


17. Angular Kaleidoscope
Image via dinkaspell
Intricate kaleidoscope patterns prevail as a global trend; originated by international cultures, these complex motifs are ideal for backgrounds with its symmetrical and seamless characteristics.


18. Raspberry Tart
Image via j.chizhe.


19. Vitamin Sea
Image via BlueOrange Studio


20. Icy Stone


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