10 awesome stop motion videos


Stop-motion clips seem to popping up all over the place at the moment. With the popularity soaring for this fantastic technique, the bar has really been raised for the standard of clips. From individual projects to all the way to company adverts, here are ten of the coolest stop motion clips around.

Gulp (The world's biggest)
Setting the standard for the big scale stop motion production, this clip makes great use of filming downwards from a bird's eye view.

Dot (The world's smallest)
The biggest was included so it's only fair that the smallest stop motion clip gets a mention as well. Featuring the main character running over objects as small as coins, this must have been one fiddly clip to make.

The Seed
Beautifully put together in the simplicity of the design, this clip shows the life cycle of a humble apple seed. The way they have animated the human organs is a real stand-out section of the clip.

In Your Arms music video
Two words; jelly beans. 288,000 of them to be exact. This clip is a triumph of the sheer number of man-hours that went into making it.

DEADLINE post-it stop motion
It's amazing that working with post it notes can produce such a smooth looking animation. A wall, a desk and big pile of post it notes are all it took to made this great clip.

The original human tetris
There are loads of variations on this clip floating around on the web. This is one of the simplest and the best, and lends itself to being a stop motion video incredibly well.

xBox - Stop Motion Commercial
The animation of the Shrek section of this clip is particularly excellent. The only problem I have with this clip is why didn't the games at the end of the clip be ordered left to right in the order they appeared in the animation?

Stop Motion With Printer
If you get over wincing at the sheer amount of ink and paper that must have been used to make this then you will be in awe at the sheer scale of this video.

Stop Motion
This does what it says on the tin. The clip is simply called 'stop motion' and that's exactly what it's a perfect example of. The credit really has to go to the amount of ground that was covered following the main character round of this average day.

Moleskine: Stop Motion video
A really nice idea behind this clip where the contents of someone's diary come to life through some superbly executed animation.

by Chris Fiander



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