The top 10 tips to creating award entries that win!

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Putting together an awards entry takes a bit of science and a slice of art. We've compiled this Top 10 list from previous judges and winners to give you knowledge on how to create the perfect submission.

1. Tell a Story

An effective way to have your entry remembered is by creating a narrative around the work and giving insight into your work by telling its story. Give your entry a beginning, middle and end and take the jury on the journey.

2. Be Honest

Knowing the background behind your work gives judges insight into why you came to the final execution. A frank explanation about any challenges you faced helps elevate and give insight into your creative process and execution.


3. Idea is King

Make sure the key idea behind your campaign or project is clear to the judges. Tell them how you came up with the idea and how that formulated itself into your final solution.

4. Categories Really Matter

It can be hard to make your work fit into one category. Look at the previous winners and shortlisted entries for reference, then read the entry criteria under each section with care. If you feel a project spans over two categories, entering in both will give you a better chance of success.


5. Amplify Your Results

Judges value effectiveness. Did your work achieve what it set out to do? Did you meet or exceed the criteria in the brief? If you did, then make sure you highlight these results.

6. Get Evidence

Include with your entry evidence on what you claim. Stats on how effective a campaign was helps judges contextualize your work. Client testimonials or insight from interested parties if available can also be powerful.


7. Get Some Help

Be sure to consult your wider internal team when writing your award entries. Recruit another set of eyes to see if they understand and are moved by what you have written,  making sure you can get across your idea to the jury.

8. Be Concise

Pay attention to the word count. Judges will have to read countless entries. Be "punchy" in your entry, use concise copy and make sure that you are only including aspects in your entry that truly add value to your submission.


9. Gather the Right Assets

Gather the best supporting materials to make sure your work stands out. Not everyone can spend time and money on a case study video. If you don't then make sure that your content is visually slick and adds to the story.

10. You Can Only Win If You Enter

The Creativepool Annual is the most inclusive, fair and useful creative award on the planet. We work hard at ensuring that all entrants get value from taking part, including feedback from the judges and giving large and small companies an equal chance at winning.

Submissions Close - 27th April

Late Submissions Close - 25th May

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