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Tofoo is "Like Nothing Else". That much is clear from the brilliant 30-second ad crafted by Who Wot Why, in which the uniqueness of the meat-free brand enters the spotlight.

An action-packed spot that truly speaks for Tofoo's quirkiness, the ad below could only feature a star such as Solomon Golding, with a personality as unique as Tofoo's brand. The result is a dynamic 30-second ad packed with humour and character, one that aims to position the Tofoo brand as a risk-taker and a leader in the plant-based market.

Today we are getting Behind the Idea with Jade Ang Jackman, Film Director, to learn more about the lovely campaign for Who Wot Why and Tofoo below.

What was the brief?

The agency, Who Wot Why, wanted to create a campaign to show how Tofoo is unlike any other meatless protein substitute. We were looking for a personality who was original and liked doing things their own way. I absolutely loved the idea and thought that, through casting, we could bring some fresh energy and flair to the project. As a director, casting is always of huge importance to me, as is bringing in original camera movement to reflect a collaborator’s own, unique sense of energy and movement. There was a real desire to get across a sense of playfulness within the advert, which I loved.

How did the initial pitch or brainstorming phase go?

The pitching process was exciting because my mind was racing; thinking through the perfect crew to get involved. As we were working with talent who wouldn’t conform to gender stereotypes, I wanted to work with a stylist who dresses people without being inhibited by the binary notions of “male” and “female” clothes. 

The artist Mia Maxwell was a brilliant choice - and certainly knew where to get the most fab heels in all sorts of sizes! As I wanted the action to feel fluid, it meant that we put a lot of thought into the music before shooting so that we could help our talent get into the zone. So, we put quite a bit of detail in - even at the initial pitching stage.

What was the production process like? What was the biggest challenge?

Capturing the flying bao bun in real-time and suspending our wonderful talent, Solomon, in the air was a challenge … but if you have an unstoppable producer, like Manoela Chiabai, then nothing is too much to ask.


What is one funny or notable thing that happened during the production of the campaign?

Looking at the video, a lot of people thought the bao bun was on strings… in actuality, we shot on a phantom camera to really isolate the motion and we threw it. Turns out, the brilliant director of photography, Olan Collardy, has a fast hand as well as a sharp eye.

What’s the main message of the campaign and why does it matter?

Tofoo wanted to put out the message “like nothing else” and to find a truly one-of-a-kind lead. Having worked on a project with the brilliant Solomon Golding some years ago, his talent, story and movement never left my mind. Due to the socio-cultural constraints upon dancers before him, I knew he must be one of the most exceptional movers in the world to become the first Black British dancer in The Royal Ballet School. His energy is unrivalled, and it was so much fun to collaborate with an artist of this calibre to put this message out.


What is one unique aspect of the campaign?

Personally, I’ve never seen someone balance Tofoo on the sole of their foot with such ease and elegance like Solomon. Plus, the styling from Mia Maxwell and the gorgeous set design by Y-Lan Lucas made the whole world seem like an acidic food-fuelled fever-dream.

How long did it take from inception to delivery?

From pitch to delivery, it took about a month… one of the fastest turnovers in history!

What do you hope it achieves for the brand?

I hope it shows that food advertising can be action-packed and dynamic if you decide to do things a little differently - like the team at Tofoo and Who Wot Why!


Credits list for the campaign

Title - Like Nothing Else
Client - The Tofoo Company
Agency - Who Wot Why
Executive Creative Director - Sean Thompson
Creative Director - Ali Dickinson
Agency Producer - Tracy Stokes
Account Manager - Pippa Flood
Production Company - Black Dog Films
Director - Jade Ang Jackman 
RSA Films Managing Director - Kai L Hsiung
RSA Films Executive Producer - Debbie Garvey
Black Dog Films Executive Producer - Martin Roker 
Talent - Solomon Golding 
Producer - Manoela Chiabai 
Editor – Dfran 
Production Coordinator - Harry Morgan 
Production Assistant - Joshua Noon @joshuaedwardnoon
Production Runner - Niccolas Farani 
1st Assistant Director - Yasmin Godo 
2nd Assistant Director - Susan King
AD Runner - Janice Obiri-Yeboah
Director of Photography - Olan Collardy 
Focus Puller - Michael Hannides 
Clapper Loader - Elisa Spigariol 
Camera Trainee - Trey Joel Robinson 
Grip - Vis Sopjani
Video Playback Operator - Andy Sandom
Phantom Operator - Bernard Esterhuysen 
Gaffer - Lee Parfitt 
Spark – Kev Roberts
Spark - Joshua Loudon
Spark – Grant Campbell
Spark - Dax Sharkey
Rigger - Simon Frost
Rigger - Marcus Brown
Sound Recordist - Gerard Abeille 
Production Designer - Y-Lan Lucas 
Art Assistant - Daniel Freduah-Gyimah
Art Assistant - Covco Kikaya
Home Economist - Tanya Sadourian 
Food Styling Assistant - Chandni Gudka
Food Styling Assistant - George Stocks
VFX Supervisor - Paul Hannaford
Stylist - Mia Maxwell 
Styling Assistant - Sophia Cann
Make-Up Artist - Grace Sinnott
Hair Stylist - John Allan 
Nails - Tyler Hoang
Covid Supervisor - Yasmin Tippett 
Medic - Rocky Shaw
Casting Director - Chloe Rosolek 
Equipment - Get Set Hire 
Camera / Grip – Panavision 
Accessories Camera - Procamtake2 
Rigging - Rigging Team 
Lighting - Lee Lighting Services Ltd 
Post Production: No.8 London 
Post Producer: Emma Shutter
Colourist: Alex Gregory
VFX: Antonio Jimenez


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