Just Two Steps to Creative Greatness

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Entering your work into The Annual could not be simpler. There really is just 2 super-simple steps.

Step 1. Add your work to your profile

Uploading your case study/project to your profile. Just follow this link.

Step 2. Enter!

To complete your entry just fill out the entry form. 

Select your project and choose which category you want to enter into. Then follow the form and detail to the judges more information about your entry.

That's it!


Entering our "Of the Year" awards?

If you are looking to enter Agency of the Year, Next Gen Talent of the Year, Best Place to Work, etc., that is done on the nomination form and also has 2 simple steps.

1. Make sure that your profile is nicely up to date.

2. Submit your nomination. You will need to have a synopsis of less than 1,000 words on why you or your company should be crowned with this award.

Need some help?

A full overview of taking part can be found in the Entry Pack. If you have any questions please do get in touch with one of our awards managers who will be happy to help either on email or on chat.

Final Submissions Close - 26th May

Enter Annual 2022!



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