Global Creative Calendar: January 2019

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In the months ahead, this Global Creative Calendar will once again open exciting new doors of possibility. Entering any one of them is sure to impact your life for the foreseeable future – and also, most likely, in far-reaching ways that you could never anticipate. Spend a few moments now, investigating them and imagining what might come to pass with a little extra effort. Live, learn, explore; invest in yourself; dare to dream. If not now, when? This new year won’t be young for long, and your future is on the line.

Follow this link to the parties listing for CES, running 8-11 January in Las Vegas: Here’s where to find the full program slate for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Our monthly global creative calendar is put together by The Darnell Works Agency, the go-to PR firm for creative agencies, brands and entertainment ventures.

January Events
. 28-29 Dec. | Lights All Night, Dallas
. 29-31 Dec. | Rhythm and Vines, Gisborne
. 29-31 Dec. | SnowGlobe Music Festival, South Lake Tahoe
. 30 Dec. – 1 Jan. | Edinburgh’s Hogmanay
. 31 Dec. | Marina Bay Singapore Countdown
. 1 | London’s New Year’s Day Parade and Festival
. 3-14 | Palm Springs International Film Festival
. 5-6 | StoryLand Music Festival, Santa Marta
. 8-11 | CES, Las Vegas
. 8-11 | Virtual Reality Festival, Las Vegas
. 15-16 | UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute: Podcasting – Telling Stories in Sound, San Francisco
. 16-19 | Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen
. 16 | Luxury FirstLook, NYC
. 16-20 | Tomorrow Never Knows, Chicago
. 17-18 | UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute: Mobile Media: Producing Visual Stories With Your Iphone, San Francisco
. 17 Jan. – 2 Feb. | Igloofest, Montreal
. 17-20 | Outsider Art Fair, NYC
. 18-20 | UNTITLED Art Fair, San Francisco
. 18-19 | Wobbleland San Francisco
. 22-24 | NATPE Miami
. 23-27 | Kiruna Snow Festival
. 23 | Tech Future Lab, Auckland
. 24 Jan. – 3 Feb. | Sundance Film Festival, Park City
. 25-28 | Rainbow Serpent, Lexton
. 26-31 | Shiprocked, Galveston
. 26 Jan. – 2 Feb. | Snowattack Ski, Snowboard & Music Festival, Les Orres
. 29 | Up Helly Aa, Lerwick
. 30 Jan. – 9 Feb. | The Santa Barbara International Film Festival
. 31 Jan. – 2 Feb. | Super Bowl LIII Music Fest, Atlanta

Featured Video: CES Unveiled New York: A Sneak Peek at CES 2019


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