In #MinecraftYourStory’s Celebration of Its Community, Every Story Matters 

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Minecraft, one of the world’s most popular video games, believes that stories from every perspective are worth telling. The company has built a community of 141 million active players by encouraging them to tell their unique stories every day inside the game – with the hope that by telling these stories, we can build a better world.

For Mojang Studios, the release of Minecraft’s Trails & Tales Update earlier this summer (which focused on creativity, self expression, and personal journeys) served as the perfect opportunity to gather all of the wondrous stories of Minecraft’s global community. Together with creative partner 215 McCann, Minecraft launched the #MinecraftYourStory program in August with the goal of generating hundreds of unique, diverse stories with a single prompt. Players were encouraged to imagine finding a chest in their home full of items about themselves, and by touching one, they pictured being taken on a journey of self discovery, returning home with a newfound sense of what makes them unique.

Minecraft partnered with creators StacyPlays and Shubble to kick off the program across various social media platforms, calling for the submission of everyone’s stories across all types of formats.  From there, 215 McCann, alongside editorial partner Cut + Run, stitched together these user-generated stories to create an epic film—a moving collage of multi-media formats that tells a singular tale.

The result is a celebration of hundreds of perspectives from around the globe. The brand decided to celebrate their brilliant community at its annual Minecraft Live event on October 15, 2023. Minecraft Live is the brand’s biggest platform where Mojang Studios shares game updates, news, sneak peeks, and moreThe film debuted at the event and will also be featured on Minecraft’s Build a Better World landing page.

This page serves as the central hub where everyone can learn more about the social impact work Mojang Studios does around Education, Equity, and Sustainability: three key pillars that guide the Build a Better World work and beyond. Those interested in learning more can check out past Build a Better World initiatives like Coral Crafters and Rooted Together, in addition to new work around MinecraftYourStory, alongside other community stories and information.


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