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We have all been witnesses to what a global pandemic was able to do to the entire creative industry. As we are just about getting ready to enter a new normal, it is now more important than ever to support young creatives in these challenging times.

It is quite rare to see a brand step up to the challenge and do something to support young creatives in the industry. Desperados did it. So we reached out to renowned British artist Kate Moross and to the Desperados Global Marketing ManagerRutger van der Stegen, to learn more about this Go Desperados platform.

Today we are getting Behind the Idea that brought to life an incredibly commendable brand campaign, the seed behind the Desperados Design Collective.


What was the brief?

Kate: The original brief was to create a series of posters – each one bringing to life a different Desperados product in a bold and vibrant way – which could be used as part of the brand’s advertising campaign throughout 2021.

How did the initial pitch/brainstorming phase go?

Kate: Right from the very first brainstorm session, it was really inspiring to be working with the different mentees. They each brought their own approach to the brief and I was impressed with how fast they were to generate the work. As a mentor I wanted to push them but also support them with constructive feedback and where necessary creative solutions.


Tell us more about the concept behind the Desperados Design Collective.

Kate: The Desperados Design Collective was a brilliant project to be part of. The project had an original approach that celebrated everyone’s individual artistic style. In bringing together a group of such talented artists, all with their own unique approach, we were able to learn from each other. It was like being a part of a mini, virtual studio.

What was the biggest challenge to the success of the project?

Kate: Having to do the whole process virtually certainly posed some challenges, but the unique circumstances came with benefits too. With so many communal creative workspaces currently closed, it felt good to bring artists together to share ideas and bounce off each other – at a time when we are all having to stay apart. There was definitely a sense of unity and a feeling of ‘all being in this together’ throughout the project that made it a particularly special experience.


What’s the main message of the campaign and why does it matter?

Rutger: At Desperados we have always been passionate about championing boundary-pushing creativity and emerging talent. The Desperados Design Collective sees us continue this longstanding commitment into 2021. Amid a challenging climate for the global arts industry, we wanted to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent on a global stage, offering a once-in-a-lifetime mentorship opportunity with world-renowned designer Kate Moross along the way to help propel the artists of tomorrow forward.


Why does it fit with the spirit of the brand?

Rutger: For 2021, we’re embracing our spirit of wild experimentation in everything we do with the launch of our new Go Desperados creative platform. The platform is designed to capture the essence of the brand – a beer that goes beyond the obvious for people that do the same. While this will be brought to life through a range of different experiences and activations throughout the year, the launch of the Desperados Design Collective is our way of kicking things off in style. 

By challenging this talented group of artists to create advertising concepts that go beyond the obvious, we wanted to celebrate the brand’s spirit of playful experimentation in new and unexpected ways.


What felt unique about working with Desperados?

Kate: I enjoyed working with Desperados because they were open to our ideas and we were able to customise the project to make it the best experience for the mentees. It was great to be providing a commercial opportunity to emerging artists, especially during a difficult time for the global arts industry. Projects like this, that support emerging talent while allowing them to create great work and gain valuable experience, are now more important than ever.


How did you select and reach out to all the creatives involved?

Rutger: We selected Kate as our Global Mentor as we felt their work best embodies Desperados’ renowned spirit of wild experimentation and creativity. We felt Kate was someone that would be able to draw on their immense experience and industry knowledge to really inspire the mentees to think outside the box and go beyond the obvious in the work they were producing.

The selection of the mentees was done through our Instagram channel. We invited emerging artists to register their interest to become part of the Desperados Design Collective by tagging their artist page in the comments section of the post. We then worked with Kate to look at the talent pool of entries to create a final shortlist of those we felt best reflected the playful Desperados creative spirit.

We’re delighted with the collection of varied artists we brought together for the campaign. Each one brings their own unique style and skillset – whether that was typography, 3D design, illustration, photography, or animation - to create a vibrant and colourful array of advertising concepts.


What is one unique aspect of the campaign?

Rutger: There are lots of different elements to the campaign that make it unique. First and foremost, it’s about providing a global platform for emerging talent. What makes it even more exciting however, is how we plan on bringing their artworks to life. Not only will the artwork be used within our digital advertising, but we’ll also be using it as part of our first ever AR OOH advertising experience later in the year, further showcasing our commitment to go beyond the obvious in absolutely everything we do – right down to the way in which we advertise and engage our consumers.

What do you hope the campaign achieves for the brand?

Rutger: We saw the launch of the Desperados Design Collective as the perfect way to kick off our exciting new Go Desperados creative platform – but this is only just the beginning. Reflecting the brand’s bold and daring mindset, the wider Go Desperados platform sets out to invite like-minded individuals to let go and follow their instincts by embracing their playful side across the year. From new product innovations to virtual party experiences that will push the scene forward like never before, we want to invite everyone to join us in daring to step beyond the obvious in 2021. That’s what we’re hoping to achieve with the campaign.


How long did it take from inception to delivery?

Kate: We went from rough sketches to the finished product over the course of several weeks. I hosted a number of virtual group sessions, which I think were particularly valuable. I proposed group mentoring sessions because I think you learn even more from hearing other people get feedback and ask questions. These group sessions were then followed by a number of one-on-one check-ins with mentees, working collaboratively to develop their artwork and fine tune their final output.


Credit list for the campaign?

Client: Heineken International

Brand: Desperados
Global Marketing Manager, Desperados - Rutger van der Stegen
Global Brand Manager, Desperados - Lotte Nijenhuis

Agency: WE ARE Pi

Chief Executive Officer - Alex Bennett-Grant
Executive Creative Director - Rick Chant
Creative - Pierre Gilles
Creative - Ankita Tobit
Head of Design - Seth Josephs
Designer & Animator - Nick Fatouris
Head of Strategy - Mark Lester
Senior Strategist - Chloe Ribas
Business Director - Sam Grischotti
Account Manager - Slav Slavov
Director of Content - James Emtage
Head of Production - Kim Buttery
Senior Producer - Sophie van Pelt
Senior Producer - Ekat Golovkina
Business Affairs Manager - Barrie Williams, Emilie Douque

Production Company: Making Pictures

Photographer - Tom van Schelven
Production Company Producer - Coco Wolf
Line Producer - Damon MacDonald

Digital (3D) Production: Uni_verse Studio

Editing & Animation: Splash Studios

PR Agency: Edelman

Media: Red Star (Dentsu Aegis Network)


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