Going with the virtual flow - Top marketing trends of 2022

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The marketing industry is always evolving and, as a result, the average consumer expects more and more each year. Every day, a new idea is put through its paces to entice customers and encourage them to make a purchase. The brands that refuse to evolve and neglect follow emerging trends are always going to be left in the dust.

To stay on top of the latest marketing developments and trends, it’s essential to keep up with the news. So, what are the latest marketing trends of 2022? And what can you do right now to guarantee that your business stays ahead of the competition?

Virtual reality and augmented reality 


Virtual reality and augmented reality are more than just playthings. With the sudden burst in popularity of the metaverse, these industries are going to be seeing a significant number of new users in the coming months and years. 

Large corporations have already created digital replicas of the real world, allowing their customers to access a wide range of digital services and products from the comfort of their own homes. Everything from virtual shopping to taking virtual courses teaching the best chess openings is possible in this bold new virtual world.

What exactly does it mean for marketing? With the emergence of metaverses, advertising is moving into the realm of virtual reality. So, when you enter an online store, your brand’s marketing banner is viewed, just as it would be if you were strolling down the high street in real life. 

A presence in VR also aids in the development of a “tech-savvy” brand image, the growth in brand awareness, and the strengthening of consumer loyalty.

AR Billboards 


In the past, posters with various slogans were widely used and implemented by virtually every marketing business, but they are no longer in fashion. They are tedious, difficult to manage, and expensive, which is why they are rarely considered worthwhile investments when thinking about advertising budgets.

AR technology, meanwhile, breathes new vitality into an old format that has been failing for a long time. They add a layer of interactivity to the process and engage viewers by allowing them to interact with the brand or product. 

In order to draw attention, Adidas built a billboard that allowed people to literally swim into it. This way Adidas could draw attention to the unveiling of its new collection while also reaffirming the company’s creative prowess.

Ethical marketing and care


Despite the fact that many people have talked widely about the environment and a greater level of diversity and tolerance for a long time, the transition from words to action is only just getting started. 

When advertising a brand, it is critical to keep this characteristic in mind. From 2022 onwards, the path of ethical marketing will continue to change and adapt.

The NFT industry


The development of NFTs allows you to purchase, make, and sell digital art, as well as secure exclusive property rights through the use of blockchain technology. It is indeed a revolutionary concept. This is analogous to making a purchase of a painting in the gallery, the only difference is that everything is digital. NFT broadens our creative possibilities

There are many well-known firms among these authors, as well as artists who are just getting their feet wet in the NFT industry. There are many ways of advertising in this field.

The characteristics of learning about chess

Creating a successful marketing campaign is a lot like playing a strategic game of chess and according to expert lecturers, there is no difference between learning chess for kids and adults or anyone else. The only difficulty that people encounter is in concentrating on the game and not getting distracted by unimportant thoughts.

Other than that, there is nothing that can stop one from learning about chess. This often happens to people who learn on their own. For that, you better find a specialized chess course that will keep a good learning pace and keep you interested.

While some people find it difficult to grasp the fundamentals, others are able to pick up new knowledge fast and play in amateur competitions with ease. Everyone is unique and there are a variety of different possibilities available to each kind.

If you are interested in learning to play chess, your age is not a consideration. Chess is more than just a pleasant and engaging game for grownups. It is a way of life. It is a philosophy that changes every chess player. Learning chess will improve your intelligence and personal qualities, increase the number of smart friends that you know. This is an outstanding pastime.

The advantages that playing chess provides

  • You will definitely meet new people and engage in enjoyable chats. It is possible to meet fascinating and intellectual individuals through the game of chess, as it includes representatives from a variety of various professions and socioeconomic levels. Because chess is a game of equals, the one with the greater strength wins no matter of their backgrounds.
  • Chess is a wonderful game to play, and it allows you to develop your skills basically forever. Top players had to spend tens of thousands of hours to achieve great results.
  • Playing chess makes a good example for your children. A child will definitely develop an interest in as a result of seeing his or her family members play the game.
  • Players must study all the possible scenarios and make judgments, thus improving the intensity of their thinking functions.
  • It helps to enhance one’s mind and brain agility. It is easy to understand as the game assists in the development of strategic thinking as well as the prediction of probable outcomes.
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